Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6 Adventure Seeds

6 Adventure Seeds

1. The location of the cairn is hidden among nomadic barbarian tribes lore. These people don't have a written history, but littered throughout their oral tradition are hints to the cairn whereabouts. The group must interview multiple tribes to piece together nuggets of information on the location of this ancient burial site.

2. You meet a 13 year old boy who claims to be wise old sage. He recently delved into an ancient tomb and was cursed. He is getting younger by 1 year every day that passes. He pleads for the group to break the magical curse before his last 13 days are up.

3. A renegade band of elves have recently fallen to infernal worship. Their devil lord is the only being that deserves reverence and his religion is absolute. The fanatic elves have sent lone martyrs that have strapped themselves with alchemist fire and set themselves ablaze at local shrines and temples.

4. A grizzled veteran has one last delve in him. He remembers the first dungeon he delved and how it changed his life. Lost many friends that expedition. The dungeon was never fully explored. He has gathered together a new band of cut throats for one last great adventure.

5. To enter the dungeon complex you must solve a riddle. The riddle is four lines and each line is scattered across the region. Each line must be collected and compiled, then answered at the doors of the dungeon complex.

6. A bounty has been placed on a serial murderer. Rumors of his whereabouts has placed him in a small fishing village. He has blended in with local fishermen and discreetly kept a low profile.

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