Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6 Black Market Magic Items

6 Black Market Magic Items

1. Zombie Brain: The still pulsating encephalon of a zombie whose body has been destroyed, but his ever lasting hungry still remains. A Zombie Brain can be implanted in a corpse and in 1d4 rounds it will reanimate as a zombie. It is advised to have someone who can control the newly revived undead.

2. Pouch of Dryad Leaves: This pouch contains the leaves from a Dryad Tree. The leaves have been ground down and can be used in a smoking pipe. Anyone who spends a round smoking the Dryad Leaves becomes immune to mind-affecting abilities for 1 turn.

3. Angel Perfume: This bottle contains the tears of an angel. If sprayed on the user it will register their alignment as being of a good nature for 24 hours. A bottle contains 3 applications.

4. Leprechaun Candle: This candle is made from the fat of a leprechaun. When lit it creates a rainbow that originate from the candle and ends where the most valuable accumulation of wealth is located. The candle can extend out to 5 miles and last for 3 hours before burning out.

5. Cockatrice Duster: This feather duster is made from the most decorative plumes from dozens of cockatrice. The duster can be used to reverse the effects of petrification. Once used the exotic feathers become dull gray and loses its reversal properties.

6. Devil Ink: This vial of ink is made from the fiendish blood of devils. When used to sign a contract it create irrevocable clause that binds the party to live up to their agreement. Deviations from the contract causes the breaker to bleed from his eyes. The damage is applied daily and equals twice the signers level or HD. Those killed by Devils Ink cannot be resurrected as their soul is forfeit to the Nine Hells.

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