Monday, June 6, 2016

Magical Hodgepodge III

Martyr Blade: This long sword has a rose quartz as a pommel and the grip has a rose design. The sword function as a +1 magic weapon, +2 vs chaotic creatures. The user can sacrifice his own hit points to deal additional damage to an enemy with a successful attack. The maximum additional damage cannot exceed user level/HD for each attack. Hit points sacrificed cannot bring the wielder below zero.

Ricochet Sling: This +1 Sling is made of braided fox hair and has the ability to ricochet a stone upon a successful hit. If the attack is successful, the stone will ricochet to the nearest enemy who is within 40'. The secondary attack will use the original attack roll to determine if it hits. If no secondary enemy is present then the stone simply falls to the ground.

Pixie Bullet: This sling ammunition is made out of a pixie skull with residual dust clinging to it. When the bullet is shot from a sling it lets out a childish laughter. With a hit it deals normal damage and also causes the victim to disappear from existence for one round. A save vs spell is allowed to avoid disappearing.

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