Friday, July 8, 2016

6 Random Dungeon Rooms IX

6 Random Dungeon Rooms series is a collection of modular rooms and concepts that can be used for inspiration during dungeon design.

1. This apparently empty room has a secret compartment. A loose flagstone has a cache of 24 onyx gems. The gems are cursed and slowly begin to damage the bearer. Once the gems are taken out of the room they begin to deal 1 point of damage per gem. The damage begin 24 hours after the bearer has left the room and the victim cannot discern where the damage is coming from. The damage is dealt again after another 24 hours and any additional gems the victim is carrying becomes corrupted. Those corrupted gems add to the damage total the following 24 hours. If the victim attempts to rid himself of the gems they appear in his possession 10 minutes later. Only by returning the gems to the original location will break the curse, corrupted gems included.

2. This 20x20 chamber host a raised platform in the shape of a star. The star shaped platform is located in the center of the room and takes up a 10x10 area. The platform is littered with dozens of runic symbols and is used as teleportation device to reach another level of the dungeon. There are sliding panels at the base of the platform and when opened reveals compartments that houses a type of fuel to activate the device. The fuel used is star crystals that can be harvested throughout the current level. When enough star crystals is harvested, it can be used to activate the teleportation platform.

3. This 20x20x20 room has excrement littering the room. Hanging from the ceiling are a dozen large bird cages. Each cage has an emaciated stirge. The presence of the party will cause the stirges to go into a frenzy, frantically slamming against the cages to break free. For each stirge roll a 1d6 and on a roll of a 6 that stirge is able to break free.

4. A frigid room with eight stone slabs. Each slab has a corpse on it which are well preserved. The eyes of the corpse have platinum coins resting on them. If a coin is disturbed in any manner the corpse animates and quickly decays before your eyes. A ghoul is born and his first order of business to awake the other seven corpses in the room.

5. 20x20 room with four pillars with flame designs. Each pillar has angelic patterned torch sconce and an unlit torch. If the torch is lit the corresponding pillar erupt into radiant flames and begins to heal 1 hit point per round. For each torch lit the healing cumulative. The radiant flame continues to heal beyond your maximum hit points. Any hit point above the maximum are temporary and last for 1 hour. If your hit points are increased by twice your normal amount you explode and deal your current hit points in damage to everyone in the room.

6. The entrance chamber to the dungeon has metal pipes and nozzle that sprays a purple mist that fills this chamber. A save is required or your skin tints to a shade of purple. Those affected by the mist are marked individual and clearly intruders to the complex. The residents of the complex have an antidote to combat the tinting effect.

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