Sunday, July 10, 2016

Magical Hodgepodge V

Pain Razor: A blood stained flint shaving razor that is use to increase pain tolerance. The user can scar himself with the razor, which increases his pain threshold for 1 turn. All physical damage is reduced by 1/2 for 1 turn. At the end of the turn the user permanently loses 1 hit point.

Embryonic Needle: This needle has the embryos of rot grubs sustain in amniotic fluids. The needle can be injected into a victim and the embryos immediately mature into an adult rot grub. A to hit roll for the injection is required and the following round 1d6+2 rot grubs begin to burrow within the victim. A cure disease or flame to the injection site can be used to remove them. If not removed within 1 to 3 turns the grubs burrow to the heart and the victim is slain. The needle can only be used once.

Dagger of Sacrifice: This +1 dagger has an obsidian pommel and a jagged blade. If the user scores the killing blow against creature he gains temporary hit points equaling the creatures level or HD. A 5 HD creature would gain 5 hit points. These temporary hit points last 6 turn before disappearing. Temporary hit point cannot be more then twice the user hit points.

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