Sunday, May 15, 2016

10 Ioun Stones for the Undead

     Ioun Stones are crystalline stone that float around the user at distance of 1 to 3'. They have an AC of -4 and 10 hit points. Destroying an Ioun Stone negates it benefit. Also snatching an Ioun Stone from orbit will also negate its benefit. Presented below are 10 Ioun Stones that only work for the Undead. They augment their abilities and add another dimension to a combat. The group might have to focus on destroying the stone to weaken the undead. Since their abilities are attuned specially to undead they are useless to an adventuring party, besides pawning them.

1. Cool Gray Ellipsoid: Requires +1 magical weapon or better to be harmed.

2. Charcoal Cuboid: Gains immunity to turn undead.

3. Ecru Sphere: All HD are maxed. A 3 HD creature would have 24 Hit Points.

4. Bistre Cylinder: Soul Recycle. Any living being slain has their soul absorbed into the stone. The stone explodes and a Shadow is born the next round.

5. Azure Prism: Creates an ectoplasmic field around the undead. All physical damage is reduced by 1/2

6. Sepia Pyramid: This stone dampens positive energy within 60'. All healing spells are reduced to 1/2 their value. For example a cure light wounds that would heal 4 hit points only heals 2.

7. Smoky Black Rhomboid: Anytime a hit would reduce the undead to zero hit points, a death saving throw is made. If successful the undead continues to fight.

8. Ebony Cube: Anytime an undead slays a creature, the cube absorbs 1 hit point for each HD/Level of that creature. The cube can store up to 100 hit points. As an action the undead can harness the cube's stored reserve to heal itself up to its maximum.

9. Umber Octahedron: This stone grant amazing speed. The undead always goes first in initiative and moves twice its movement rate.

10. Midnight Blue Dodecahedron: Allow an undead who has a sunlight vulnerability to ignore its effects.

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