Sunday, May 29, 2016

Magical Hodgepodge

Magical Hodgepodge

Just a quick collection of magical items.

Phoenix Elixir: The contents of this potion churns with liquid flames. Anyone who drinks this elixir has a moment of renewal. The character can reroll all stats and has the option to select a new race and class. The character retains his current experience and applies it to his new incarnation.

Coral Mask: A symbiotic mask made of coral that wraps around the face of the wearer. It processes oxygen and carbon dioxide and allows the wearer to breath underwater for 1 turn per constitution point. After all turn have been exhausted, the coral mask requires 24 hours before being used again.

Tail Choker: This necklace is made out of entwined rat tails. The wearer of the choker mouth morphs into that of a rat with large incisors and he gains a bite attack that does 1d4 points of damage and counts as an additional attack. For every successful bite attack there is a 5% chance of spreading disease. A save vs poison is needed or the victim will die in 1d6 days. All rats, giants rats, wererats, and rat type creatures must make a morale check if they wish to attack the wearer of the Tail Choker. 

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