Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6 Zombie Adventure Seeds

D&D Zombie Adventure Seeds

1. A Death Cult has moved to town. The graveyard has been plundered. The morgue ransacked. Now residents are beginning to disappear. All trails lead to an abandoned prison where a cabal of necromancers are animating zombies with unusual results. Now zombies with strange powers are stalking the countryside.

2. An ancient artifact has awakened beneath the mountains. A signal from the artifact echoes for hundreds of miles. All dead begin to rise. The signal is only transmitted during a full moon and the dead only move during that period. If they don't reach the mountain they go dormant and wait till the next full moon.

3. Mysterious packages have appeared throughout the city. They seem to be sent at random. Anyone opening the box releases a cloud of inhaled poison in a 10' radius. Those who failed are killed and reanimate as a zombie 1 round later. Outbreaks throughout the city are on the rise and raising public awareness is a priority.

4. Penumbra Flies from the Negative Material Plane have spread throughout the region. They are spreading a virus that causes the living to slowly transform into the walking dead. Finding and closing this planar breach is of utmost importance before the entire world becomes mindless zombies.

5. Beneath a prominent city lies an ancient necropolis. Recently archaeologists found this ancient burial ground beneath the cities sewer system. The unwanted disturbance has caused the dead to rise and flood the sewers with mindless undead. They harass the city day and night. You are hired to venture underground and close the access tunnels leading to the necropolis.

6. The group recently arrived in town. After settling in for the night they are awakened by banging on their door. Opening the door reveals the innkeeper and his wife shambling towards them, apparently reanimated as zombies. The group quickly discovers the entire town has turn into zombies and now must find safe passage out before they join the horde.

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