Monday, October 31, 2016

6 Forest Encounters

A collection of six forest/wilderness encounters, adventure seeds, or random thoughts.

1. You meet an albino elf, he claims his pigment has been stolen by a nefarious Kaleidomancer. His tribe had their pigment drained away and their desires for life extinguished. His village is not far from here and he ask for you to bring the color back.

2. A Shepherd is running for his life. His flock of sheep have turned on him and are attempting to hunt him down. A demon tainted virus has spread throughout the flock and has turned them into vicious predators.

3. The voice of a young woman travels through the wind. You piece together a cry for help. By following the voice it leads you to a cave. It's inhabitants are a tribe of goblins. The cave is also the burial grounds of an elven maiden who wishes to sleep in peace.

4. The group is harass by a band of Pixies, they are hurling chunks of bloody meat at them. Not far from the scene is a pack of wolves trailing the scent.

5. A corpse lies on the ground. It has fallen from great heights and its heart has been ripped out. A Peryton is on the hunt and attempts to pick off one person at a time. He swoops in to grab his target and ascends to great heights, then drops his prey on the floor. Then he descends down to tears its heart out.

6. A caravan of slavers move through the forest. They offer to sell their stock to the group. The slaves are from a local hamlet and the slavers are looking to flip their recent acquisition quickly.