Thursday, November 3, 2016

6 Urban Adventure Seeds

A collection of encounters, adventures seeds, and/or random thoughts.

1. A renegade Tooth Fairy is harassing the town. Every night it visits a dozen children and extracts 1 tooth. After all 32 are extracted the children will die. When you arrive in town it is day 30.

2. In the slums there is a tattoo artist who give her services away for free. She inks the poor with demonic imagery and infernal designs. On the 13th day the tattoo comes alive and slay its host. It then retreats into the sewers waiting until 665 more of his brethren have arrived.

3. The rogue/thief in the party is approached by a gambler. He has a huge wager that Mr. Offerson will die by Friday. He offers 20% of his take if you can guarantee that will happen.

4. The town hires the group to evict the owner of the Lucky Strip Tavern. He has unpaid taxes. Problem is the tavern basement is the home of the local thieves guild and eviction will only be meet by force.

5. The group is in search of a rare book. A recluse bibliophile currently own that book and refuses to part with it. If pressed he gives the group a list of a dozen books he requires in trade.

6. You arrive in town and something is off. Everyone is wearing dresses. Man, women, and child. An edict from the Baron has been handed down that everyday is Dress Day. The group is offered an assortment of dresses to choose from. Pink being the most popular.