Wednesday, September 23, 2020

6 Bandit Adventure Seeds

A collection of adventure seeds, encounters, and/or random thoughts.

1. While staying at the local inn the group is approached by a woman. Her son has recently joined a gang of miscreants. She is deeply concerned and ask the group to convince her son to change his ways.

2. The town festival is underway. The mayor takes the stage to give his annual speech when an arrow pierces through his head. Chaos erupts as snipers rain fire from rooftops. Bedlam ensues as gang of ruffians attempt to take over the town.

3.  Taxes are not being collected. The Baron hires the group to find out why all his tax collectors are being ambushed and killed. Weeks have gone by with revenue slowing to a crawl.

4. The Bandit King was born with a rather large birth mark on his back. The birth mark is actually a map of the ancient treasure hidden buried beneath the earth. The Bandit King is clueless about the symbolic meaning of his birth mark.

5. A group of bandits have recently set up shop on the only road leading into the village. They demand a toll for anyone entering. The village fears reprisal if they fight back and are seeking adventurers to solve this problem. 

6. City watch has an important job for you. A rumored meeting of the five great bandit families is going take place in a secluded lodge in a dark dangerous forest. This is an opportunity to cut off the head of these criminal enterprises and severely put a dent in their activities.