Friday, July 10, 2015

6 Random Dungeon Rooms

1. You notice in this stone chamber that there are large fragments of glass embedded in the walls. Hundreds of them. Upon closer examination you make out a shadowy figure moving about. If the glass fragments are broken a Shadow is released. There are also a dozen empty glass fragments. Touching them requires a save or be trapped within.

2. This room has four large oriental carpets. Around the perimeter are a dozen ornate chairs. Once you have entered about halfway through the room the chairs animate and rush towards the intruders. They attempt to push them onto the oriental rugs. The rugs conceal spiked pit traps.

3. As you enter this room you see a ten foot tall statue of an elf. This elf has eight arms holding various colored orbs. Disturbing or passing the statue unleashes a barrage of spells. Each orb has an unlimited supply of one spell appropriate for any color your wish. A blue orb might cast cone of cold, a red orb fireball, etc. The only to way pass this statue is to cover the orbs with a piece of cloth to suppress its magic.

4. In this large cavern you stumble across a small backwater village of humans. These degenerate humans are completely pale and primitive. They have darkvision and only speak Aklo. Upon further investigation you learn that this tribe has existed here for generations. Each human is branded with a unique number. They have inbred for centuries and appears to only exist as food stock for a horrific aberration that dwells nearby.

5. You come upon a set of iron doors. Next to the set of doors is a offering bowl. Something must be offered to pass through the door. Picking the lock or knocking down the door will not work. You can provide hints to what was recently used. Maybe a couple of hair strands or a fingernail left inside.
1d6 Random Offering
1. Teeth
2. Blood
3. Coins
4. Gems
        5. Fingernails
             6. Clump of Hair

6. In the center of this room is a large brazier with a raging green flame. This object has an aura of combustion. Anyone who approaches within 20ft of the brazier must make an object saving throw for any item that is combustible like oils, alcohol, etc. If the item fails the save it burst into flames and begins to set fire to objects around it. A flask of oil within a backpack will ignite all items inside and each item will need to make a saving throw. Once the flame in the brazier is extinguished its aura of combustion ceases.

I have a pdf compilation of the Random Dungeon Room series on rpgnow. Link provided below
50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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  1. Thank you for those, I'm filling a large dungeon and this really helps!