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35 Magical Trinkets


Trinkets are magic items that provide minor benefits to the user. These ornaments and baubles are miniature in size. They fit in the palm of your hand and with a bit of concentration they erupt in a small flash of light. Immediately thereafter they crumble into fine dust and you are imparted with a slight magical benefit.

The magical benefits are very minor and short in duration. Their duration range from immediate to five rounds. Activating a trinket requires little effort. You must have a free hand to clutch the trinket. It does not count towards any actions. Only one trinket can be activated per round.

Trinkets come in two varieties: common and rare. Common trinkets follow the standard rule regarding power and duration. Rare trinkets are more powerful and might have a longer duration. Roughly ten percent of all trinkets are cursed. The cursed trinket will give the opposite effects of the boon. Some curse effects might need to be adjudicated.

Trinkets can be made of any material. Their color and construction range from elaborate and valuable to simply looking like a mere child toy. All trinkets detect as faint magic.

Common Trinkets

1. Horseshoe: Double yours mount movement speed. Duration: 5 rounds
2. Snowflake: Reduce damage by 1 from cold spells or effects. Duration: 2 rounds
3. Steel Sword: +1 to melee damage rolls. Duration: 2 rounds
4. Boots: +5% to move silently checks. Duration: 2 rounds
5. Fish Scale: Able to breath underwater. Duration: 5 rounds
6. Broom: Cleans your body and gear of dirt and grim. Duration: Immediate
7. Book: You can recast any 1st level spell you have already cast. Duration: 1 round
8. Serpentine Statuette: +1 to poison saves. Duration: 3 rounds
9. Shiny Rock: +1 to petrification saves. Duration: 3 rounds
10. Backpack: Reduces your encumbrance level by 1. Duration: 5 rounds
11. Shrunken Head: +1 to death saves. Duration: 3 rounds
12. Monocle: You can see twice as far. Duration: 5 rounds
13. Stein: You are now sober. Duration: Immediate
14. Spiral Sun: Heal 1 hit point: Duration: Immediate
15. Feather: Reduce falling damage by 1. Duration: 2 rounds
16. Dagger: Next backstab does x3 damage: Duration: 1 round
17. Arrowhead: +1 to ranged damage. Duration: 2 rounds
18. Perfume Bottle: +1 to reaction rolls. Duration: 5 rounds
19. Lionhead: Your retainers gain a +1 to morale checks. Duration: 5 rounds
20. Scroll: +1 to spell saves. Duration: 3 rounds
21. Eyeball: You can't be surprised. Duration: 2 rounds
22. Mirror: You can't be backstabbed. Duration: 1 round
23. Skull: +1 to turn undead roll. Duration: 1 round
24. Coin: +5% to pick pocket roll. Duration: 2 rounds
25. Twig: +1 to wands, staves, rods saves: Duration: 3 rounds

Rare Trinkets

1. Lantern: All random encounter checks are half: Duration: 24 hours
2. Shield: Next time you are brought to zero hit points you are only brought 1 instead. Duration: 5 rounds
3. Axe: Next successful melee attack does max damage. Duration: 2 rounds
4. Pickled Finger: Summons a Zombie to fight for you. Duration: 5 rounds
5. Bulwark: A +1 or better magic weapon is needed to harm you. Duration: 1 round
6. Bull: All coins carried increases by 20%. Duration: Immediate
7. Tombstone: You are immune to level drain. Duration: 3 rounds
8. Hourglass: Your age category is reduced by 1: Duration: Immediate
9. Owl: You gain 1,000 exp. Duration: Immediate
10. Metal Ball: A ball appears before your foes and does 6d6 holy damage in 10ft radius. Duration: immediate

1d6 Adventure Seeds

1. Dust Golem: A wizard is seeking trinket dust. He is hiring adventures to find as much dust as possible. For each pound of dust he will pay 10 gold pieces. The residual magic apparently is a great component for creating a golem.

2. Wanna hit?: All the kids are doing it. Recently the local town has had a drug problem. Kids are snorting trinket dust to get high. Now half the teenage population have become addicted. Who is selling this trinket dust?

3. Bad Trinket: Recently the trinket market has been flooded with cursed ones. Adventurers have fallen victims to an untimely bane from a crocked trinket. Rumor has it a fey merchant recently has been pawning large batches of trinkets across the region.

4. Scarce: Someone been buying up all the trinkets on the market. The ones you can buy are at exorbitant price.

5. The Collector: An ancient king was a collector of trinkets. He amassed hundreds of trinkets over the course of his life. Some of them one of a kind and extremely rare. He was buried in an elaborate tomb with sinister traps. Even in death none shall touch his precious collection.

6. Indigestion: A local man recently ate a trinket. Now it is festering in his stomach and causing immense pain. No medicine or curing magic has helped.

The basic 35 trinkets are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of variations that can be created. The main purpose is to be used as low level disposable magic items.

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  1. I really like the idea of trinkets as short-term, low-effect magic items