Thursday, March 12, 2015

20 Random Rumors

20 Random Rumors for Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder or any fantasy type rpg. You can roll 1d20 or just simply select what you fancy. Whether these rumors are true or not is up to you.

Roll 1d20

1. One of those holy warriors has been seen drowning his sorrows at the local pub. Someone said he was some Paladin type fellow. Piss off his God. Now he just drinks away his time.

2. Don't drink the Red Ale from the Cornish Hen Tavern. Old lady Miller drank so much one night she turned into a weasel. Yes, a weasel. No I'm not drunk man I'm telling ya the truth.

3. This little fat fella came into town two days ago. Hit up the General Store and bought up all the rations. Says he needs the food just in case some bad stuff goes down. I don't know seems a bit suspicious I say.

4. Hey you know the town was built over a cemetery. Yeah they removed the tombstones and started building right upon graves. Very strange indeed.

5. We don't bury our dead. No we burn'em and keep them in urns. They say if your body is not burned within a days time it rises. Yep, some zombie type thing. So just in case any of you die make sure you got a source of fire handy.

6. You heard about our well. Yeah it's been dry for years now. We lost a bunch of kids a few years back. Someone said a tentacle reach out and drag them to their death. Ever since no one goes by that damn well.

7. Don't give that damn half-orc Urgron any money. All he does is smoke it away. Says he needs the money for some exotic pipe weed. Problem is once he smokes it he runs around town naked. Not a pretty sight my friend.

8. Stay off the road north at night. They say a man without head rides a horse up and down the road. They say he is looking for the right head to replace his own. Keep your head man and stay off the road!

9. I heard about a group young girls knocking on people doors. They sing a nursery rhyme to anyone who opens up. Strange thing is these girl don't even live in the town.

10. Edgrin the halfling is looking for investments. Yeah he needs a 1,000gp to fund his expedition. Says he's hunting Dragons. Last time someone funded his expedition they lost all their money.

11. Tally May house is north of the town. Yeah she's collect cats. Lots of cats. The place smells like urine and half the cats are dead. Someone once told me that those dead cats can move.

12. Mo got hit by lightning last year. Tragic indeed. Now he slurs his speech and speaks in third person. He claims that he is Mo the Lighting God. His mom says all he needs is to get hit by lightning again to reverse his condition.

13. Remember that statue you passed when you came into town. The one with those gemstone eyes. Well I hear they record your movement. The Mayor who is held up in his manor uses them to spy on the folks round here.

14. You know what's strange? Not a single women has given birth in five years. Must be something in the water.

15. Graffiti everywhere. The last few weeks someone been painting a goat skull on houses throughout town. We've been trying to remove the paint but it simply won't wash off.

16. There an abandoned mine south of here. Rumor has it the miners hit a passage that they shouldn't of have. They never returned. My good friend told me they stumbled upon a Goblin City.

17. We are waiting on a supply caravan to hit town. Problem is it was suppose to be here last week. Wonder what the delay is.

18. Father Zabrin is a strange guy. He collects holy symbols. Also every year he switches his allegiances to a new god. Charlatan I tell you.

19. You know about Mallak the Bard? Yeah someone told me he died two years ago in a freak accident. Then out of nowhere he strolled into town a few days back. He looks good for a dead guy.

20. Exactly at Midnight every dog in town begins to howl. This horrible cacophony rattles my nerves. I always wonder why it happens every night at the same time.

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