Friday, March 6, 2015

Session 6: Remnants of a Fallen Kingdom

Session 6 of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Campaign
Played on: 2/25/15
Session Log written by Anna(Our Ranger)

Danice: 2nd level 1/2 Elf Ranger
Azurith: 2nd level Elven Cleric: 
Taurnil: 2/1st level Elven Thief/Mage
Rin: 2nd level Human Paladin
Shnozola: 2nd level Gnome Druid

After finally being joined by Azruith the group gets much needed rest and healing. They search the bodies that are lying around out front of the monastery. They turn out to be goblin bodies with exploded heads. Once we enter the ruins Azruith finds that it was once a temple devoted to Wellisa, a petty goddess of love, lust, and unwanted children. 

There are more bodies with exploded heads and a large stone fountain that seems to be draining to the side of the room leading out to the ocean.As the adventurers explored the room the fountain began to bubble and three mud men emerged. Backing out of the temple to get away from the water we defeat the first two mud men and the third one kamikaze’s himself on Azruith. Upon re-entering the temple the group finds that the fountain is draining faster and that there seems to be a way to climb down the into the fountain. Exploring around Rin, Azruith, and Shnoz find a room torn apart that leads onto a cliff ledge that has an altar sitting on the edge.

As they get closer to the altar Shnoz’s satchel that his dog companion was carrying burst into flames. At the same time a bowl of bones on the alter sparks and lights on fire. Azruith examines the altar closer and finds a secret panel. Taurnil checks the secret door for traps and finds that if it were to be opened all of the way that it would blow up. He also finds gallons and gallons of lantern oil below the altar. Taurnil notices a brief beam of light coming from the east as if there was a light house, but can't see it through all of the fog. 

Rin finds a room off to the side and explores it to find a bag of holding. Heading back to the fountain the group finds the area completely drained and that there is a cavernous entrance in the fountain. Once everyone made it down into the entrance with a few bumps and bruises they find a large stream with a statue of an earth elemental across the stream, and they decide to avoid it. 

Going southward the stream eventually leads to another open cavern area with a man trapped in a wooden cage. He warns us not to come close to him and that he has a disease and can't be saved. After giving him some food and water the man coughs up some green liquid. He asks Rin to end his life so that he can top suffering. We light the cage ablaze with a fiery arrow. Along with the screaming of the man we hear something inhuman screaming along with him. And a worm like creature bursts from the man’s body. 

We follow some tracks heading northward into another cave walkway and find a room with something shinny buried in the corner. Many of the group tries to free what was buried, but only Azruith manages to free what turned out to be a key chain with several religious pendants on it. The door slammed shut on the adventures and they started to feel week as their names were being written on the walls in blood.

 After trying several different things Azruith finds that healing magic hurts the room. Rin, Azurith, and Shnoz start hurting the room with all of the positive energy they can muster and the group finally manages to break out of the room, but not before the celling collapses on Azruith trapping him and wounding him badly.

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