Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Session 7: Remnants of a Fallen Kingdom

Recap of our last session of AD&D 2nd Edition: Remnants of a Fallen Kingdom. Played on 3/4/15 on Roll20 and Google Hangouts.

Session Recap written by Anna


Danica: 2nd level 1/2 Elf Ranger Dead
Azurith: 2nd level Elven Cleric: Couldn't make Session
Taurnil: 2/1st level Elven Thief/Mage
Rin: 2nd level Human Paladin Couldn't make Session
Shnozola: 2nd level Gnome Druid
Lysander: 1st level Wizard Dead

After having a cave roof collapse on him Azurith decides to head back to the beginning of the cave with Rin as an escort. Taurnil hears a shuffling sound coming from the south west, so the group decides to investigate it staying as hidden and quiet as possible. The Adventurers come across a room piled high with refuse and a pair of legs sticking out of it. Taurnil pulls on the legs and finds a partially conscious human man lying without any gear, weapons, or armor.

 His name is Lysander and he claimed to be knocked unconscious and thrown into the trash by a witch that he was tracking in the woods. Hearing a scream the group rushes to the north to find a large set of wooden double doors with a three eyed dragon on it. After Lysander exams it more closely he tell the rest of the group that it is the holy symbol for a demon named Lamashtu and that she was known for her portfolio over fertility through sacrifices. Bursting open the door the adventurers find what looks like a temple to the demon goddess and a women tied up to a throne on the far side of the temple.

 The room was mostly filled with water with a deeper pit in the center. Danica and Taurnil examine the throne and the binds that are wrapped around the women. They find thick chains holding the lady and that the throne has skulls on it. The women claims to be from Greenspur and that a goblin with red eyes left her here as a sacrifice to a creature that would be coming out of the deeper pit of water any moment. She also tells that the goblin had been traveling with a few skeletons. Taurnil tries to pick the lock but as he does the eyes of the skulls on the throne glow red and a bloody symbol appears in the deeper pool.

 After a few seconds 6 purple dire leaches slink their way out of the pool. After taking some serious damage the group finally manages to take down the leaches. Examining the lock the group finds no way to free the women without a key, so they tell her they will come back as soon as they can. Exploring around to try to find the red eyed goblin and the key to free the women the adventures find an alchemist lab with a body on the table.

Examining the body and the books that are around the room Lysander determines that the lab was meant to create flesh golems. Leaving the room and continuing down the hall the group comes across a room with two feet of water, some skeletons, and a red pearl in the middle of the room. Just as the group decides to stay away from the pearl Rin runs out of the back of the room wearing no armor. He calls for help and claims he has found the women and the red eyed goblin. He says he needs help and run around a corner.

Following Rin, Taurnil finds Rin slashing a women’s throat then throwing her body over the red pearl in the water. The water around the body begins to bubble immediately and a large bloody skeleton with tendrils hanging down around him emerges from the water. Rin runs off further into the room while Taurnil, Danica, and Shnoz all engage with the skeleton. Once they are wrapped up the skeleton tendrils Lysander ran further into the room and was confronted with a Rin who was apparently a Doppleganger.

After taking some hits and taking down the skeleton Danica and Lysander fall unconscious in the water; Taurnil and Shnoz retreat from the room. Danica and Lysander drown in the water. The rest of the group decides to retreat. The Doppleganger kills all the kidnapped women. The remnants of the group decide to return to Tarnwood to finish their original assignment of being guards at a wedding ceremony. 

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