Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dark Creeper

Filthy, reeking black rags wrap this small humanoid from head to toe, leaving only its hands and pale white nose visible.

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary.
Original Source AD&D 1E Fiend Folio

Scholars speculate that the Dark Folk which include the Dark Creepers and their taller cousins the Dark Stalkers are twisted versions of humans. Just how Drow are the opposite of your typical Elves the Dark Folk are twisted reflection of yours humans. Dark Creepers are filthy humanoids who hide in sewers and underground lairs. They only venture forth when the urge to steal and cause mayhem is too much to resist.

Dark Creepers dress in layers of filthy rags which has a foul stench of spoiled food and sweat. They never take their dirty rags off. They pile on new layers of clothes when the outermost layers becomes to ragged. Dark Creepers are never encountered during the day. They plan their raids of mischief during the night. Moving around an urban setting stealing and causing mayhem. A tribe of Dark Creepers is typically lead by a Dark Stalker. Dark Creepers obey their masters with utmost loyalty and can found on missions for their dark masters.

Combat: Dark Creepers are small humanoid with a Challenge Rating of 2.

-Death Throes: When a Dark Creeper is slain it combust in a a flash of bright light. All creatures with 10ft radius burst must make a Fort save 13 or be blinded for 1d6 rounds. Other Dark Creepers caught within the radius are automatically blinded for 1 round. All that is left after the Dark Creeper combust is a pile of ragged clothes and gear. Its body mysteriously gone.

-Poison Use: Dark Creepers are skilled in poison use and never accidentally poison themselves. They favor coating their daggers with poison. Typically a fungi know as black smear.

-Rag Armor: The multiple layers of filthy rags on the Dark Creeper act as leather armor.

-See in Darkness: Can see perfectly in darkness of any kind including that created by deeper darkness.

-Spell-like Abilities: At will: darkness, detect magic

-Weakness: Dark Creepers suffer from light blindness.

Adventure Seeds

Dark Creepers make great adversaries for a urban based or underdark campaigns. Perfect foes for populating the sewer system beneath your city.

-Beggars Peril: The City over the pass year has solved its problem with the homeless and beggars. Over the past year they have all slowly disappeared. As each month has passed by the population has diminished to almost nothing. The local temple is concerned and hires the group to disguise themselves as decoys. They quickly find out that Dark Creepers have been kidnapping the homeless and taking them into the sewer system. Maybe someone of higher authority has commissioned the Dark Folk to commit these acts. Also what have become of those kidnapped?

-Undermarket: Seeking black market goods? Maybe a narcotic to ease your tension? You come to the right place. Located in the sewers beneath the city is a thriving market place. Smugglers, thieves, etc populate this makeshift market place underground. The Dark Folk are in charge of the market and take a cut of the action. They also push their narcotics on the populace. Addicted city folk are known to seek out the market for their next fix.

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