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50 Random Mundane Items II

A Collection of items to add to a treasure hoard, dungeon room, or foes purse. Value is worthless to a collectors treasures.

Link to table I:  50 Random Mundane Items I

50 Random Mundane Items II

1. Crystal Goblet
2. Box of Firecrackers
3. Pairing Knife
4. Rusty Cleaver
5. Thumbscrews
6. Snow globe
7. Ornate Letter Opener
8. Jar of Wax
9. Ceremonial Breastplate
10. Plumed Helm
11. Skull Mask
12. Mirror Shield
13. Small Box of Toothpicks
14. Vial of Peppermint Oil
15. Tin Bucket
16. Rusty Iron Spikes
17. Box of Tea Leaves
18. Case of Tobacco Chew
19. Dusty Turban
20. Ceramic Imp Statue
21. Silver Urn with Ashes
22. Empty Spice Shaker
23. Brass Periscope
24. Bundle of Barbwire
25. Bar of Cold Iron
26. Bag with half dozen scented soap bars.
27. Gold Candle Holder
28. Cast Iron Pot
29. Scroll Case with a Treasure Map
30. Copper Broach
31. Broken Bear Trap
32. Deck of Tarot Cards
33. Basket with several Balls of Yarn
34. Journal with Love Poems
35. Snowshoes
36. Giant Iron Fishhook
37. Tome of Gruesome Insights
38. Steel Tiara
39. Pair of Leather Slippers
40. Porcelain Doll
41. Book of Recipes
42. Medallion with a Snake Motif
43. Straw Hat infested with fleas
44. Prayer Bread of the Dwarven God of Misery
45. Manual of Ocular Visions
46. Lead Necklace
47. Eel Skin Cloak
48. Copper Offering Bowl
49. Bag of Goose Feathers
50. Vial of Dragon Blood Ink

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10 Random Adventure Ideas

10 Random Adventure Ideas or Seeds. 

1. A Dwarf has come to town. He seeks a rare magic item that is hidden deep within the woods. Not even the most cunning ranger can track its location. He employs the group to find a Disenchanter. A great magical beast with innate hunger for magic. The Disenchanter with its magical trunk can help the group sniff out this magic item.

2. A remote village has called upon the adventurers for help. They have been attack by a colony of Flumphs. Once the group has begun their investigation they find the colony is located in cave nearby. The Flumphs are actually peaceful and have come from outer space to warn the town of a grave danger lurching beneath the village.

3. A giant sentient turtle has emerged from a lake. He recently stumbled upon a nomadic tribe of barbarians who were in awe of this rare turtle. The tribe now worships this giant turtle and constantly brings it food. The turtle appetite is never ending and has quickly surpassed the tribe capacity to feed him. They have started raiding nearby villages for food. Each day the turtle is feed he continues to grow. Within a few weeks he will be the size of a a small building and a threat to the region.

4. The group must travel through a treacherous jungle. With no knowledge about this geography they are forced to hire a guide to help them find what they are looking for. Within a couple of days during the journey while the group is camped the guide has a heart attack and dies. The group is stranded in the middle of the jungle with no guidance.

5. The group is contacted to meet a merchant in a nearby city. Once they meet him they are hired to exterminate a nearby orc tribe. Unfortunately the merchant the group meet is actually a doppleganger who is masquerading and eliminating this orc tribe will stir all the orc tribes in the region into a fury. When the group returns to the town they meet the real merchant who questions why they took so long.

6. In a nearby forest a giant sinkhole has appeared. The local fey have gone to investigate and found something called the UnReality Well. A well etch with ancient ruins and an ability to mutate all that come in contact with it. The band of fey were unlucky and mutated into weird aberrations of tentacles and fairy dust. Now all the creatures of the forest are becoming mutated. The trees and soil have also taken on strange appearances. Fey diplomats have been dispatched to find heroes to destroy the UnReality Well.

7. A Nobleman son has been kidnapped. Each day a box is delivered to the father residence with a body part of his son. Time is running out before his son will be dead.

8. A few miles outside town lies a massive graveyard. Recently the graveyard caretaker and all the gravediggers have been killed off. The mayor hired a new caretaker and gravediggers....they also ended up dead. Now the town has refused to approach the graveyard in fear of what might be haunting it. Dead bodies have been thrown into the nearby stream and have started to pollute the towns water supply.

9. A wrongly convicted friend of the adventurers has recently been sent to the Silent Prison of the Chaos Callers in a distant mountain range. To help vindicate their friend they must travel to this strange prison. They quickly learn all prisoners have their tongues removed and all prison guards are also missing their tongues. All communication is done through sign language. All convicted criminals also have very short stays since they mysteriously disappear within weeks of arrival...

10. A strange storm has wreck havoc on the local city. The first night had vicious lightning and one of those bolts destroyed a toymakers shop. The owner and most of his toys were destroyed with exception of a dozen. It appears the lightning has given the toys life with a demonic taint. They have disperse around the city on a murderous rampage. The storm continues to rage and the streets are now running with blood....

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Session 9: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 9 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 4th Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 4th Level Mountain Dwarf Cleric
Neurion: 4th Level Wood Elf Monk
Daeris: 4th level High Elf Wizard

Recap written by Chris

Session 9 - The Magic of Wave Echo Cave

The party gathered their belongings in the morning having had a tense but uneventful night. As Neurion and Baelgor removed the barricade from the door, Nestor whispered some words to Salune while grasping his warhammer, a warm light suddenly growing from the weapon. The four slowly entered the corridor once again seeing the star speckled cave ceiling. Seeing nothing of concern they quickly moved north to the next building checking it for any sounds beyond and hearing nothing. Pushing the door open Neurion entered the room hearing a voice in his head say "Hello", straight ahead of him a creature with greenish spiked skin, one large eye centered above a sharp toothed maw and 4 tentacles each with a blinking eye hovered above a pedestal containing a magical green flame. "You are not my master" the creature screeched telepathically causing Neurion to prepare his staff and get ready to strike.

The creatures eyes narrowed as it menacingly approached Neurion. Neurion quickly set forth slapping one of the eye stalks away and punching towards its eye. The creature angered by the strikes against him quickly shot rays of energy streaming towards Neurion striking his exposed flesh and removing some of it. Baelgor moved along side his friend slicing at one of the eye stalks, gashing it with his blade and causing the stalk to retract as if in pain. Nestor following, behind Baelgor, swung his warhammer at one of the other stalks seeing the damage it had done to Neurion but missed. Daeris standing off to the side let loose a string of webbing from her hands entrapping the beast's body. Neurion seeing the creatures eye stalks focus on him once again bashed the creature with his staff causing it to shudder slightly before the flesh eating rays struck out at him again hitting hard and removing even more flesh now exposing muscle and tendon. Baelgor aghast at what he was seeing happen to his friend sliced off one of the stalks, another one narrowly avoiding his deft blade. Neurion suddenly felt his flesh mending all the while watching as Nestor's warhammer crashed hard in to the creatures middle eye, blood bursting forth splattering everyone but Daeris. The creature lay lifeless in the webbing Daeris had trapped it in.

Daeris thinking back to the many legends she had heard of the cave and the many wizards that had visited here retold the story of the green flame and its ability to make magic items of great renown. Sensing the magic had long been abused by many of creatures she recommended everyone place their weapons and armor within the flame to see if it might imbue their items with the last of its magic. Everyone quickly set forth to placing their weapons and armor within the green flame crackling and rising each time a new item was added. As the party searched throughout the room they came upon a mace with a head shaped like a sunburst and made of solid brass. Daeris once again recognized this as a weapon that was made for the god of dawn, Lathander and that when asked would produce forth a light as bright as a torch. He also had heard that it might have an extra effect against undead. The party also found a breast plate shaped in the form of a golden dragon. Daeris telling the party that this had been made for the human Tergon who battled many of dragon. It was said that the armor would protect the wearer against the breath of a dragon.

The sound of waves crashing forth inside the cave was a surprise to all of them as they approached a large lake that appeared to move northeast in to a dark area hidden beyond. Not wanting to risk losing anyone to the unknown water and constant tidal waves the party headed south west in to a narrow corridor. As they approached an opening in the corridor they saw what appeared to be a water wheel connected to a large air bellow that seemed to be attached to an even larger blast furnace. Laughter suddenly filled the air around them as a human sized skull with green flames and devilish red eyes floated out from behind the furnace 10 ft above them. "Come forth my children" the skull called out, nine undead corpses animated and quickly moved to attack the adventurers. "Flameskull's, beware my friends these are old spellcasters capable of killing even the mightiest of foes", Daeris spoke softly to the party. Neurion wanting to gain any advantage possible headed back up the corridor waiting for the rest of the party and the creatures to follow. Daeris shooting forth webbing from her hand stopped the skulls movement while she retreated with Neurion. Suddenly a large fireball shot forth from the creatures mouth vaporizing four undead, flames licking at Baelgor's body and blasting Nestor straight in the chest sending waves of agonizing heat and pain through his body.

Daeris seeing the attack and knowing the cleric and fighter won't last long without her help began chanting calling forth a dust devil to attack and distract the flameskull if possible. A flaming sphere suddenly appeared by her hovering menacingly but doing nothing further. Baelgor, waiting for an opportunity to strike at the flameskull readied his blade. A zombie, unseen to Daeris, lashed out with its weapon striking her, Daeris retaliating with a stab from her sword followed by her casting another spell that seemed to give her skin an eery magical glow. Just has the glow surrounded her the flaming sphere shot forth fire, engulfing her body before a string of magic missles struck her flank dropping her to the ground in a sea of darkness. Baelgor wasting no time quickly dispatched of the zombie that had attacked Daeris. Nestor chanting louder and louder sent waves of healing energy forth from his body pulling Daeris from the darkness, lessening the burning pain Baelgor felt as well. Neurion staying guard prepared as he heard zombies approach from the southeast corridor they had come from. The zombies not noticing the monk in waiting felt the strikes of his might quarterstaff and kicks. Daeris shaking off the fog of death stood up glaring at the skeletal creature and sending out waves of green energy from her fingertips towards it. As it flew to the top of the cave ceiling, the flameskull cackled, "only a parlor trickster would cast such a spell against the dead", Daeris once again giving an evil stare that only the dead would not fear.

Fearing the skull would be their demise the party quickly retreated further back to the lakes edge where Neurion was entangled with 3 zombies. The group set forth dismantling the remaining creatures watching as the fiery orb burst forth towards Daeris again before it dissipated in to the then air. Having taken down all the zombies the group laid in waiting for the flameskull to appear only to hear its cackled laughter move off in to the distance. Not knowing if the creature was trying to sneak up on them the adventurers headed back down the southeast corridor towards the two buildings and looked for other ways through the cave. After exploring different dead ends and rooms with nothing of note the party found themselves at a door, hearing crunching sounds beyond they slowly opened and slipped in to the room. Before them a ghoul lay hunched over enjoying the remains of whatever it had caught earlier. Wasting no time Nestor and Baelgor quickly set upon the creature with Lightbringer and Baelgor's magical sword quickly destroying the creature before it knew what happened.

Neurion and Daeris waiting outside found themselves quickly entangled with two more of the fiendish creatures. Neurion quickly set forth with a flurry of blows to the creatures only to have his skin gashed by one of its claws feeling his body seize up. Daeris quickly let loose bolts of fire from her hands as she chanted in her elvish tongue, Nestor and Baelgor quickly entering the fray to help take down the creatures. Neurion able to finally move entered the room where the remains of the ghoul Nestor and Baelgor had slain. Searching around they found nothing of value but still more corridors and doors to explore. Coming around one of the many twists and turns Neurion watched as a large yellowish ooze dropped from the ceiling and slowly moved its way towards him. Baelgor standing not far behind him watch his friend quickly retreat back past him sensing something else was amiss and happening to look up watch as a yellow jelly like creature slipped through cracks in the ceiling falling in a pile of goo right before him.

Neurion finally recognizing the creature from his previous adventurers told Baelgor to be careful with his blade as it would only cause these things to split in two. Baelgor swinging his blade straight down through the creature heard these words only a little to late. The adventurers weary and worn from their struggles thus far bashed and hacked their way through the ochre jelly's bodies. Daeris, rays of frost coming from her hands, helped to freeze pieces of the creatures in hopes of keeping them from multiplying. With all of the jellies finally defeated the party scavenged around for anything of value finding a sack in one of the collapsed corridors containing a plethora of items.

Having been battered and worn from their battles the party headed back to and old beer storage room to rest and try and regain some strength to help them in finding the ever elusive "Black Spider" . . .

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Session 8 Recap: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 8 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 4th Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 4th Level Mountain Dwarf Cleric
Neurion: 4th Level Wood Elf Monk
Daeris: 4th level High Elf Wizard

Recap written by Chris

Session 8 - Wave Echo Cave

It was a somber morning, overcast to fit the mood of the adventurers as they set forth for Wave Echo Cave, a new party member in tow and an old one that would be longingly missed. "Poor Shank, too bad the drink got the best of him" Baelgor murmured as they walked down a path heading east out of Phandelin. "Aye, Baelgor, but we have Daeris here now. Nothing like a good wizard to help us along the way and distract our enemies with those clothes," Neurion said glancing at the female high elf with little more than a smile on his face.

After two days of uneventful travel the party began to notice the landmarks Gundren had given them giving them an idea of where the entrance to the cave would be. Entering in the cave Nestor pulled for his warhammer chanting and causing it to light up brightly. They cautiously headed down the 10ft high tunnel coming in to an large open room, large stalagmites sticking up from the floor and gear scattered everywhere. "Look over there", pointed Baelgor to what appeared to be a makeshift camp and the outline of a small body laying close to some bedrolls. Nestor quickly rushed toward what appeared to be a dwarf, turning the creature over and recognizing it as Gundren's brother Tharden. "Salune, be with you in the world beyond", he prayed noticing Tharden's neck had almost been completely severed. "Those appear to be no ordinary boots my friend, I don't think he'll need them any longer and Gundren would want someone to put them to good use", Baelgor said to Nestor. Having been through all they had so far and knowing that only more danger was ahead he removed the boots from Tharden and put them on his feet feeling something was different about them but not knowing what at the moment.

The group scoured the area for any traces of other creatures and found a rope leading down a 50ft drop in to a cavern. One by one they slowly lowered themselves down the rope and into the chasm. Balegor reminding Nestor of one of his scrolls that could help them watched as Nestor pulled it forth from his pack, chanting the words from the page and asking if the Black Spider would attack them if they headed south. "Go forth without fear of this", Nestor heard a voice in his head assured that the information was of good and sound nature. "We should head southeast as no danger from the Black Spider awaits us", Nestor spoke softly to the party.

Weapons ready the party headed southeast noticing a tunnel heading to the north and the cavern continuing further southeast. They began hearing buzzing noises and noticing bodies of what appeared to be orcs and dwarves strewn about. Suddenly a bat like creature with a mosquito body flew down latching itself to Neurion as he fought to get it off him. "Stirges, the dark mage hissed. Don't let them stay attached to you for long," she spoke preparing to cast a spell. More of the creatures began filling the room dropping from the higher ceiling above. Everyone set forth ripping the creatures from their bodies as they tried to latch on and bashing them with weapons every instance they could. The female wizards voice called out before she was engulfed by two of the creatures, a dust devil appearing, swirling around and lashing out at any creature it could reach. Nestor calling upon Salune set forth healing Daeris as she fought hard to get the creatures of her. No sooner had the battle began the creatures all lay dead on the ground abnormal amounts of blood oozing from their bodies.

"It appears these creatures took down some of these orcs and dwarves however it also appears that some of them died from fighting with each other", Daeris spoke to the group. "Let us always be on guard no matter whom or what we come across my friends," Neurion cautiously spoke as he gripped his quarter staff tightly. The party continued heading southeast noticing another passage to the north, northeast and to the south. They came to an area with two doors and a crumbled impassible passageway to the south. Entering the room to the east they came across what appeared to be an old study with decaying paper and more orcish and dwarven bodies. Balegor noticing a strong box used his strength to pry it open finding a small treasure in side that would have made Shank happy to see.

Heading through the door to the west they entered a room that appeared to be an old armory of sorts where yet another battle between orcs and dwarves appeared to have transpired. Searching through the room for anything they might use or anything of magic the adventurers watched as eight of the bodies began to rise, armor hanging loosely from their forms and old decrepit weapons in hand. Baelgor and Neurion set in to action striking with their weapons, crushing the bony creatures and sending them back to the outer realms they came from. Nestor calling out to Salune once more, "be gone you unholy creatures" caused some of the undead to flee Daeris blocking their exit from the room. Having the opportunity the seasoned group spent little time dispatching the creatures finding nothing of value and moving on to search other parts of the cave.

Exiting the room they heard a large roar and echo to the north understanding that to be the wave echo cave and one of its many mysteries. They headed through the northeaster corridor entering a room filled with glowing green fungi. Daeris being the curious wizard approached lightly grabbing one of the plants to inspect it, a puff of green gas releasing from it, causing her to cough and gag as she inhaled the poison. Nestor recognizing the poison told Daeris that she would be fine with time and suggested that do to the nature of the fungi and the corridor to the north they had noticed that they should quickly dash through the area to avoid what had happened to Daeris.

Dashing through a narrow row of fungi, poison gas puffing out as they brushed swiftly against the plants, the party entered the corridor to the north without incident. Walking through the passage they found themselves in a large room with two freestanding structures. These were no ordinary structures as they appeared to be human size. Yet again more decayed bodies lay about the cavern. Looking up the four adventurers awed at the minerals glittering in the ceiling appearing to make out the look of a starry night sky. Daeris feeling uneasy about this place called upon her abilities to detect any magic in the area, getting only a slight hint that something magical of old had happened to the north and had faded with time.

Neurion and Baelgor worked to open the door to the building closest to them. Upon entering and looking throughout the room a dark, ghostly apparition began to form red eyes glaring out from the black fog a voice eerily spoke, "These treasures are mine, I will kill all those that think otherwise". Neurion and Baelgor quickly attack the creature hitting it with blow after blow but appearing to do little harm to it. The wraith reaching out with shadowy arms to grab Baelgor sent him crashing to the floor lifeless. Nestor wasting no time using his clerical powers to bring Balegor back to the living.

Daeris chanting louder and louder pointed at the creature a blue, crackling beam of energy shooting forth from her hands striking the creature causing it to writhe in pain. Neurion getting hit hard by the creatures deathly grasp continued to strike the creature with a flurry of blows while Baelgor falling once again was revived by his friend Nestor. Watching as the wraith tried to get at the cleric for denying its defeat of the powerful warrior, Baelgor his magical blade glowing sliced through the black mist causing the creature to scream out and disappear in to the air around him as if it had never been there to begin with. Looking around the room for any other danger the adventurers found yet another dungeon map possibly leading to more treasure but more likely just to more danger.

Having been drained of their energy and power from only a short time in this place and knowing that they would need everything they had to fight the looming danger beyond they set forth barricading the small structure with whatever they could in hopes of resting and preparing for whatever lay ahead . . .

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Session 7 Recap: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 7 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 3rd Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 3rd Level Wood Elf Cleric (Reincarnated as a Mountain Dwarf)
Neurion: 3rd Level Wood Elf Monk
Shank: 3rd Level Forest Gnome Rogue

Session Recap by Chris

Session 7 - Resurrection

"Owlbear shit, that's not something you see every day", Shank chirped as he quickly slipped by Baelgor, preparing to see what Baelgor had yelled out. Not sooner than he had entered the room did he realize the actual danger he and his comrades were actually in. Shank quickly drew forth his blade positioning himself off to the side of the creature to try and distract it while his friends quickly entered the room behind him. "Owlbear shit; shit an Owlbear", Baelgor mumbled shaking his head while drawing his blade and rushing toward the creature. Shank quickly lashed out at the beast slicing a nice gash in its leg causing it to only slightly shudder. Balegor followed suit with his blade slicing off chunks of fur before watching Neurion thrust his staff in to the beast followed by a misplaced kick barely missing the creature. Nestor having no room to maneuver took up rank behind everyone waiting to heal whomever needed it.

The Owlbear lashed out with its large clawed paws and sharp beak nipping at the party as they gained up on the creature attacking it from all angles. Shank waiting for an opening final saw an opening sliding his blade through the creatures ribs as it reared up to attack. The creature quickly fell limp thudding to the floor, narrowly missing crushing Shank. Looking quickly around the room the party noticed a chest full of coins, scrolls and a potion.

As they sifted through the remains of the tower they heard a loud shouting noise coming from the northeast. They quickly set off finding a closed door and hearing more sounds coming from behind it, this time more like screams of agony. Bursting through the door, Baelgor watched as an Bugbear quickly thrust his blade into an already bloodied and beaten Gundren. Quickly looking around the room he noticed a female Drow as well as a large wolf.

Baelgor barreling through the door knocked past the wolf while he headed towards the Bugbear in anger after seeing the creature take the life of his old friend. The wolf taking a swipe at Baelgor as he passed barely clipped him not seeing Neurion quickly enter the doorway right behind Balegor. Before the creature knew what happened the world turned black, its last site a pointy eared creature kicking out at it and its last sound, the crack of its neck as it fell lifeless to the ground. Balegor catching a glimpse of the female Drow leaving the room called to Nestor telling him to watch their backs. Shank once again joined Baelgor as he set forth attacking the Bugbear. The creature seeming to have endless strength and vitality took blow after blow from Shank and Baelgor before smashing Shank in the face with one of its huge paws sending him in to a black shroud of nothingness.

Nestor lay in waiting with his mace in the corridor behind the room Baelgor and Shank had entered. He watched in shock as a female Drow appeared around the corner as if she had materialized from nothing. He quickly set forth trying to bask the creature with his mace calling out to Selune in hopes she would give him aid. Neurion hearing the commotion behind him quickly turned, rushing past the creature as he watched his friend strike out at the Drow worried about the fight that was to ensue. Hitting the creature with a flurry of punches from his fists and swipes of his staff both he and Nestor watched as the creature morphed out of its Drow shape.

Meanwhile, Baelgor in the other room fully enraged with the death of his two friends set forth attacking the Bugbear with a fury that only the likes of a Dragon not fear. The Bugbear fearing the human creature attacking him, tried rushing out of the room receiving mortal wounds from Baelgor's blade as he passed. Distracted by Drow shifting form, Nestor suddenly felt himself being pulled in to the darkness, the warmth of his own blood draining from his body down his back, calling out to Salune to once again to watch over his friends. Neurion continued to land blow after blow upon the creature before him unfortunately leaving an opening for the strange being to reach through grasping him by the neck, sending Neurion in to the oblivion beyond.

Baelgor rushed quickly out of the room following the Bugbear. As he leapt over the wolf he had slain earlier he caught a glimpse of his friend Gundren gasping for air as if he had suddenly come back to life. Summoning all his will he barreled down upon the Bugbear stabbing his blade through the beasts back plunging it deep in to its lungs while the creature screeched out blood filling its lungs as it dropped to its knees. Baelgor wasting no time quickly quickly withdrew his blade lopping the creatures bird like head and kicked its body to the ground only to look ahead and see the last of his companions fall lifeless to the ground.

The mystic creature floated towards Baelgor an eery glow coming from where its eyes might once have been. It quickly reached out towards Baelgor thirsting to drain the life from this petty human. Suddenly a searing pain shot through its ghostly arms and then through its chest. Standing in bewilderment the creature caught the glow of the magical blade withdrawing from its chest, finally realizing that he greatly underestimated the mighty fighter, as his form dissipated in to the air around.

Baelgor not having time to wonder what else might be coming for them quickly set to bandaging and healing his comrades with whatever he could find. Shank came too, the taste of a healing potion on his lips and the sound of Baelgor yelling at him to move his ars and help the others. He watched as Balegor ran out of the room yelling once again to Shank to help the damn cleric. Shank quickly ran towards Nestor laying his ear to his chest and listening for any signs of life. He lightly kicked Nestor while he half jokingly said, "Wake up elfy, no place to take a nap". Nestor did not respond. Baelgor taking another healing potion out of his pack quickly poured it down Neurion's gullet. He watched as Neurion leapt up from where he was as if ready to attack anything near him. "What happened", Neurion said as he looked at his friend Baelgor. Baelgor looked over towards the doorway where Shank and Nestor were shaking his head and mumbling, "Not even his beloved god Salune could have saved the damn cleric from the blade of the Bugbear". They all joined Gundren in the other room bandaging him up, Shank being his curious self searching the area for anything of value. They all decided they should try and see what help they might get Nestor and quickly get Gundren back to town.

Nestor found himself floating around in a fog surprisingly not concerned but more curious as to what was transpiring. He wondered of his friends and of his long lost family thinking back to his adventurers in the forests. A bright light suddenly shot out before him causing a jolt of lightning like pain to course through his cloudy form. Another jolt this time with a feeling of something pulling him somewhere within the mist. Feeling as if something was choking him he gasped for air but nothing happened. "Open your eyes my friend. You have returned to us but luck was not fully with you.", a voiced called to him. He felt his otherworldly form descend settling in to a somewhat familiar form. He opened his eyes slowly, the light causing him to turn his head, catching a glimpse of a robed figure standing before him smiling before it walked away towards a door.

"Ahhh my friends" the healer spoke, "I beseech you to come welcome your friend back to this world. I warn you though, luck was not completely with him". Baelgor quickly entered the room, stopping in his tracks to see a dwarf sitting up from the altar where he had lain his friend Nestor not only hours before. "What have you done with our friend" Baelgor glaring at the healer growled. "As I told you, luck was not completely with him. Although we were lucky to get him from the outer realms of death his corporal form was of no use and a new form was chosen by my god", the healer sad with a smile, holding the drift globe in his hands, peering in to its depths. "Remember you still owe me the favor", he said before leaving the friends with Nestor in his new form.

Nestor still trying to sort through what had transpired listened to his companions recant what happened in Cragmaw Castle, their safe return of Gundren and his offer to share 10% of the Echo Wave Cave's wealth once they helped him get it up and running and finally the deal they struck with the priest to bring Nestor back. "I, a banshee by the name of Agatha we must seek and bride to give us the location of a special spell book," Baelgor said. "I hope it was all worth you looking like Gundren, I don't know if I would have ever wished that on anyone". Nestor still in shock of what happened looked at his friends and in his usual softly spoken tone said, "I guess it could have been worse, I could have been made a gnome." The comrades bursting in to laughter before Shank suddenly realizing what was said put a scowl on his face.

The group proceeded to rest, resupply and plan over the next week as to what they wished to do. A dragon, a banshee, a mystical cave or who knows what else would come there way . . .