Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 Random Adventure Ideas

10 Random Adventure Ideas or Seeds. 

1. A Dwarf has come to town. He seeks a rare magic item that is hidden deep within the woods. Not even the most cunning ranger can track its location. He employs the group to find a Disenchanter. A great magical beast with innate hunger for magic. The Disenchanter with its magical trunk can help the group sniff out this magic item.

2. A remote village has called upon the adventurers for help. They have been attack by a colony of Flumphs. Once the group has begun their investigation they find the colony is located in cave nearby. The Flumphs are actually peaceful and have come from outer space to warn the town of a grave danger lurching beneath the village.

3. A giant sentient turtle has emerged from a lake. He recently stumbled upon a nomadic tribe of barbarians who were in awe of this rare turtle. The tribe now worships this giant turtle and constantly brings it food. The turtle appetite is never ending and has quickly surpassed the tribe capacity to feed him. They have started raiding nearby villages for food. Each day the turtle is feed he continues to grow. Within a few weeks he will be the size of a a small building and a threat to the region.

4. The group must travel through a treacherous jungle. With no knowledge about this geography they are forced to hire a guide to help them find what they are looking for. Within a couple of days during the journey while the group is camped the guide has a heart attack and dies. The group is stranded in the middle of the jungle with no guidance.

5. The group is contacted to meet a merchant in a nearby city. Once they meet him they are hired to exterminate a nearby orc tribe. Unfortunately the merchant the group meet is actually a doppleganger who is masquerading and eliminating this orc tribe will stir all the orc tribes in the region into a fury. When the group returns to the town they meet the real merchant who questions why they took so long.

6. In a nearby forest a giant sinkhole has appeared. The local fey have gone to investigate and found something called the UnReality Well. A well etch with ancient ruins and an ability to mutate all that come in contact with it. The band of fey were unlucky and mutated into weird aberrations of tentacles and fairy dust. Now all the creatures of the forest are becoming mutated. The trees and soil have also taken on strange appearances. Fey diplomats have been dispatched to find heroes to destroy the UnReality Well.

7. A Nobleman son has been kidnapped. Each day a box is delivered to the father residence with a body part of his son. Time is running out before his son will be dead.

8. A few miles outside town lies a massive graveyard. Recently the graveyard caretaker and all the gravediggers have been killed off. The mayor hired a new caretaker and gravediggers....they also ended up dead. Now the town has refused to approach the graveyard in fear of what might be haunting it. Dead bodies have been thrown into the nearby stream and have started to pollute the towns water supply.

9. A wrongly convicted friend of the adventurers has recently been sent to the Silent Prison of the Chaos Callers in a distant mountain range. To help vindicate their friend they must travel to this strange prison. They quickly learn all prisoners have their tongues removed and all prison guards are also missing their tongues. All communication is done through sign language. All convicted criminals also have very short stays since they mysteriously disappear within weeks of arrival...

10. A strange storm has wreck havoc on the local city. The first night had vicious lightning and one of those bolts destroyed a toymakers shop. The owner and most of his toys were destroyed with exception of a dozen. It appears the lightning has given the toys life with a demonic taint. They have disperse around the city on a murderous rampage. The storm continues to rage and the streets are now running with blood....

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