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Session 7 Recap: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 7 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 3rd Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 3rd Level Wood Elf Cleric (Reincarnated as a Mountain Dwarf)
Neurion: 3rd Level Wood Elf Monk
Shank: 3rd Level Forest Gnome Rogue

Session Recap by Chris

Session 7 - Resurrection

"Owlbear shit, that's not something you see every day", Shank chirped as he quickly slipped by Baelgor, preparing to see what Baelgor had yelled out. Not sooner than he had entered the room did he realize the actual danger he and his comrades were actually in. Shank quickly drew forth his blade positioning himself off to the side of the creature to try and distract it while his friends quickly entered the room behind him. "Owlbear shit; shit an Owlbear", Baelgor mumbled shaking his head while drawing his blade and rushing toward the creature. Shank quickly lashed out at the beast slicing a nice gash in its leg causing it to only slightly shudder. Balegor followed suit with his blade slicing off chunks of fur before watching Neurion thrust his staff in to the beast followed by a misplaced kick barely missing the creature. Nestor having no room to maneuver took up rank behind everyone waiting to heal whomever needed it.

The Owlbear lashed out with its large clawed paws and sharp beak nipping at the party as they gained up on the creature attacking it from all angles. Shank waiting for an opening final saw an opening sliding his blade through the creatures ribs as it reared up to attack. The creature quickly fell limp thudding to the floor, narrowly missing crushing Shank. Looking quickly around the room the party noticed a chest full of coins, scrolls and a potion.

As they sifted through the remains of the tower they heard a loud shouting noise coming from the northeast. They quickly set off finding a closed door and hearing more sounds coming from behind it, this time more like screams of agony. Bursting through the door, Baelgor watched as an Bugbear quickly thrust his blade into an already bloodied and beaten Gundren. Quickly looking around the room he noticed a female Drow as well as a large wolf.

Baelgor barreling through the door knocked past the wolf while he headed towards the Bugbear in anger after seeing the creature take the life of his old friend. The wolf taking a swipe at Baelgor as he passed barely clipped him not seeing Neurion quickly enter the doorway right behind Balegor. Before the creature knew what happened the world turned black, its last site a pointy eared creature kicking out at it and its last sound, the crack of its neck as it fell lifeless to the ground. Balegor catching a glimpse of the female Drow leaving the room called to Nestor telling him to watch their backs. Shank once again joined Baelgor as he set forth attacking the Bugbear. The creature seeming to have endless strength and vitality took blow after blow from Shank and Baelgor before smashing Shank in the face with one of its huge paws sending him in to a black shroud of nothingness.

Nestor lay in waiting with his mace in the corridor behind the room Baelgor and Shank had entered. He watched in shock as a female Drow appeared around the corner as if she had materialized from nothing. He quickly set forth trying to bask the creature with his mace calling out to Selune in hopes she would give him aid. Neurion hearing the commotion behind him quickly turned, rushing past the creature as he watched his friend strike out at the Drow worried about the fight that was to ensue. Hitting the creature with a flurry of punches from his fists and swipes of his staff both he and Nestor watched as the creature morphed out of its Drow shape.

Meanwhile, Baelgor in the other room fully enraged with the death of his two friends set forth attacking the Bugbear with a fury that only the likes of a Dragon not fear. The Bugbear fearing the human creature attacking him, tried rushing out of the room receiving mortal wounds from Baelgor's blade as he passed. Distracted by Drow shifting form, Nestor suddenly felt himself being pulled in to the darkness, the warmth of his own blood draining from his body down his back, calling out to Salune to once again to watch over his friends. Neurion continued to land blow after blow upon the creature before him unfortunately leaving an opening for the strange being to reach through grasping him by the neck, sending Neurion in to the oblivion beyond.

Baelgor rushed quickly out of the room following the Bugbear. As he leapt over the wolf he had slain earlier he caught a glimpse of his friend Gundren gasping for air as if he had suddenly come back to life. Summoning all his will he barreled down upon the Bugbear stabbing his blade through the beasts back plunging it deep in to its lungs while the creature screeched out blood filling its lungs as it dropped to its knees. Baelgor wasting no time quickly quickly withdrew his blade lopping the creatures bird like head and kicked its body to the ground only to look ahead and see the last of his companions fall lifeless to the ground.

The mystic creature floated towards Baelgor an eery glow coming from where its eyes might once have been. It quickly reached out towards Baelgor thirsting to drain the life from this petty human. Suddenly a searing pain shot through its ghostly arms and then through its chest. Standing in bewilderment the creature caught the glow of the magical blade withdrawing from its chest, finally realizing that he greatly underestimated the mighty fighter, as his form dissipated in to the air around.

Baelgor not having time to wonder what else might be coming for them quickly set to bandaging and healing his comrades with whatever he could find. Shank came too, the taste of a healing potion on his lips and the sound of Baelgor yelling at him to move his ars and help the others. He watched as Balegor ran out of the room yelling once again to Shank to help the damn cleric. Shank quickly ran towards Nestor laying his ear to his chest and listening for any signs of life. He lightly kicked Nestor while he half jokingly said, "Wake up elfy, no place to take a nap". Nestor did not respond. Baelgor taking another healing potion out of his pack quickly poured it down Neurion's gullet. He watched as Neurion leapt up from where he was as if ready to attack anything near him. "What happened", Neurion said as he looked at his friend Baelgor. Baelgor looked over towards the doorway where Shank and Nestor were shaking his head and mumbling, "Not even his beloved god Salune could have saved the damn cleric from the blade of the Bugbear". They all joined Gundren in the other room bandaging him up, Shank being his curious self searching the area for anything of value. They all decided they should try and see what help they might get Nestor and quickly get Gundren back to town.

Nestor found himself floating around in a fog surprisingly not concerned but more curious as to what was transpiring. He wondered of his friends and of his long lost family thinking back to his adventurers in the forests. A bright light suddenly shot out before him causing a jolt of lightning like pain to course through his cloudy form. Another jolt this time with a feeling of something pulling him somewhere within the mist. Feeling as if something was choking him he gasped for air but nothing happened. "Open your eyes my friend. You have returned to us but luck was not fully with you.", a voiced called to him. He felt his otherworldly form descend settling in to a somewhat familiar form. He opened his eyes slowly, the light causing him to turn his head, catching a glimpse of a robed figure standing before him smiling before it walked away towards a door.

"Ahhh my friends" the healer spoke, "I beseech you to come welcome your friend back to this world. I warn you though, luck was not completely with him". Baelgor quickly entered the room, stopping in his tracks to see a dwarf sitting up from the altar where he had lain his friend Nestor not only hours before. "What have you done with our friend" Baelgor glaring at the healer growled. "As I told you, luck was not completely with him. Although we were lucky to get him from the outer realms of death his corporal form was of no use and a new form was chosen by my god", the healer sad with a smile, holding the drift globe in his hands, peering in to its depths. "Remember you still owe me the favor", he said before leaving the friends with Nestor in his new form.

Nestor still trying to sort through what had transpired listened to his companions recant what happened in Cragmaw Castle, their safe return of Gundren and his offer to share 10% of the Echo Wave Cave's wealth once they helped him get it up and running and finally the deal they struck with the priest to bring Nestor back. "I, a banshee by the name of Agatha we must seek and bride to give us the location of a special spell book," Baelgor said. "I hope it was all worth you looking like Gundren, I don't know if I would have ever wished that on anyone". Nestor still in shock of what happened looked at his friends and in his usual softly spoken tone said, "I guess it could have been worse, I could have been made a gnome." The comrades bursting in to laughter before Shank suddenly realizing what was said put a scowl on his face.

The group proceeded to rest, resupply and plan over the next week as to what they wished to do. A dragon, a banshee, a mystical cave or who knows what else would come there way . . .

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