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Session 8 Recap: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 8 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 4th Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 4th Level Mountain Dwarf Cleric
Neurion: 4th Level Wood Elf Monk
Daeris: 4th level High Elf Wizard

Recap written by Chris

Session 8 - Wave Echo Cave

It was a somber morning, overcast to fit the mood of the adventurers as they set forth for Wave Echo Cave, a new party member in tow and an old one that would be longingly missed. "Poor Shank, too bad the drink got the best of him" Baelgor murmured as they walked down a path heading east out of Phandelin. "Aye, Baelgor, but we have Daeris here now. Nothing like a good wizard to help us along the way and distract our enemies with those clothes," Neurion said glancing at the female high elf with little more than a smile on his face.

After two days of uneventful travel the party began to notice the landmarks Gundren had given them giving them an idea of where the entrance to the cave would be. Entering in the cave Nestor pulled for his warhammer chanting and causing it to light up brightly. They cautiously headed down the 10ft high tunnel coming in to an large open room, large stalagmites sticking up from the floor and gear scattered everywhere. "Look over there", pointed Baelgor to what appeared to be a makeshift camp and the outline of a small body laying close to some bedrolls. Nestor quickly rushed toward what appeared to be a dwarf, turning the creature over and recognizing it as Gundren's brother Tharden. "Salune, be with you in the world beyond", he prayed noticing Tharden's neck had almost been completely severed. "Those appear to be no ordinary boots my friend, I don't think he'll need them any longer and Gundren would want someone to put them to good use", Baelgor said to Nestor. Having been through all they had so far and knowing that only more danger was ahead he removed the boots from Tharden and put them on his feet feeling something was different about them but not knowing what at the moment.

The group scoured the area for any traces of other creatures and found a rope leading down a 50ft drop in to a cavern. One by one they slowly lowered themselves down the rope and into the chasm. Balegor reminding Nestor of one of his scrolls that could help them watched as Nestor pulled it forth from his pack, chanting the words from the page and asking if the Black Spider would attack them if they headed south. "Go forth without fear of this", Nestor heard a voice in his head assured that the information was of good and sound nature. "We should head southeast as no danger from the Black Spider awaits us", Nestor spoke softly to the party.

Weapons ready the party headed southeast noticing a tunnel heading to the north and the cavern continuing further southeast. They began hearing buzzing noises and noticing bodies of what appeared to be orcs and dwarves strewn about. Suddenly a bat like creature with a mosquito body flew down latching itself to Neurion as he fought to get it off him. "Stirges, the dark mage hissed. Don't let them stay attached to you for long," she spoke preparing to cast a spell. More of the creatures began filling the room dropping from the higher ceiling above. Everyone set forth ripping the creatures from their bodies as they tried to latch on and bashing them with weapons every instance they could. The female wizards voice called out before she was engulfed by two of the creatures, a dust devil appearing, swirling around and lashing out at any creature it could reach. Nestor calling upon Salune set forth healing Daeris as she fought hard to get the creatures of her. No sooner had the battle began the creatures all lay dead on the ground abnormal amounts of blood oozing from their bodies.

"It appears these creatures took down some of these orcs and dwarves however it also appears that some of them died from fighting with each other", Daeris spoke to the group. "Let us always be on guard no matter whom or what we come across my friends," Neurion cautiously spoke as he gripped his quarter staff tightly. The party continued heading southeast noticing another passage to the north, northeast and to the south. They came to an area with two doors and a crumbled impassible passageway to the south. Entering the room to the east they came across what appeared to be an old study with decaying paper and more orcish and dwarven bodies. Balegor noticing a strong box used his strength to pry it open finding a small treasure in side that would have made Shank happy to see.

Heading through the door to the west they entered a room that appeared to be an old armory of sorts where yet another battle between orcs and dwarves appeared to have transpired. Searching through the room for anything they might use or anything of magic the adventurers watched as eight of the bodies began to rise, armor hanging loosely from their forms and old decrepit weapons in hand. Baelgor and Neurion set in to action striking with their weapons, crushing the bony creatures and sending them back to the outer realms they came from. Nestor calling out to Salune once more, "be gone you unholy creatures" caused some of the undead to flee Daeris blocking their exit from the room. Having the opportunity the seasoned group spent little time dispatching the creatures finding nothing of value and moving on to search other parts of the cave.

Exiting the room they heard a large roar and echo to the north understanding that to be the wave echo cave and one of its many mysteries. They headed through the northeaster corridor entering a room filled with glowing green fungi. Daeris being the curious wizard approached lightly grabbing one of the plants to inspect it, a puff of green gas releasing from it, causing her to cough and gag as she inhaled the poison. Nestor recognizing the poison told Daeris that she would be fine with time and suggested that do to the nature of the fungi and the corridor to the north they had noticed that they should quickly dash through the area to avoid what had happened to Daeris.

Dashing through a narrow row of fungi, poison gas puffing out as they brushed swiftly against the plants, the party entered the corridor to the north without incident. Walking through the passage they found themselves in a large room with two freestanding structures. These were no ordinary structures as they appeared to be human size. Yet again more decayed bodies lay about the cavern. Looking up the four adventurers awed at the minerals glittering in the ceiling appearing to make out the look of a starry night sky. Daeris feeling uneasy about this place called upon her abilities to detect any magic in the area, getting only a slight hint that something magical of old had happened to the north and had faded with time.

Neurion and Baelgor worked to open the door to the building closest to them. Upon entering and looking throughout the room a dark, ghostly apparition began to form red eyes glaring out from the black fog a voice eerily spoke, "These treasures are mine, I will kill all those that think otherwise". Neurion and Baelgor quickly attack the creature hitting it with blow after blow but appearing to do little harm to it. The wraith reaching out with shadowy arms to grab Baelgor sent him crashing to the floor lifeless. Nestor wasting no time using his clerical powers to bring Balegor back to the living.

Daeris chanting louder and louder pointed at the creature a blue, crackling beam of energy shooting forth from her hands striking the creature causing it to writhe in pain. Neurion getting hit hard by the creatures deathly grasp continued to strike the creature with a flurry of blows while Baelgor falling once again was revived by his friend Nestor. Watching as the wraith tried to get at the cleric for denying its defeat of the powerful warrior, Baelgor his magical blade glowing sliced through the black mist causing the creature to scream out and disappear in to the air around him as if it had never been there to begin with. Looking around the room for any other danger the adventurers found yet another dungeon map possibly leading to more treasure but more likely just to more danger.

Having been drained of their energy and power from only a short time in this place and knowing that they would need everything they had to fight the looming danger beyond they set forth barricading the small structure with whatever they could in hopes of resting and preparing for whatever lay ahead . . .

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