Wednesday, September 23, 2020

6 Bandit Adventure Seeds

A collection of adventure seeds, encounters, and/or random thoughts.

1. While staying at the local inn the group is approached by a woman. Her son has recently joined a gang of miscreants. She is deeply concerned and ask the group to convince her son to change his ways.

2. The town festival is underway. The mayor takes the stage to give his annual speech when an arrow pierces through his head. Chaos erupts as snipers rain fire from rooftops. Bedlam ensues as gang of ruffians attempt to take over the town.

3.  Taxes are not being collected. The Baron hires the group to find out why all his tax collectors are being ambushed and killed. Weeks have gone by with revenue slowing to a crawl.

4. The Bandit King was born with a rather large birth mark on his back. The birth mark is actually a map of the ancient treasure hidden buried beneath the earth. The Bandit King is clueless about the symbolic meaning of his birth mark.

5. A group of bandits have recently set up shop on the only road leading into the village. They demand a toll for anyone entering. The village fears reprisal if they fight back and are seeking adventurers to solve this problem. 

6. City watch has an important job for you. A rumored meeting of the five great bandit families is going take place in a secluded lodge in a dark dangerous forest. This is an opportunity to cut off the head of these criminal enterprises and severely put a dent in their activities. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

6 Urban Adventure Seeds

A collection of encounters, adventures seeds, and/or random thoughts.

1. A renegade Tooth Fairy is harassing the town. Every night it visits a dozen children and extracts 1 tooth. After all 32 are extracted the children will die. When you arrive in town it is day 30.

2. In the slums there is a tattoo artist who give her services away for free. She inks the poor with demonic imagery and infernal designs. On the 13th day the tattoo comes alive and slay its host. It then retreats into the sewers waiting until 665 more of his brethren have arrived.

3. The rogue/thief in the party is approached by a gambler. He has a huge wager that Mr. Offerson will die by Friday. He offers 20% of his take if you can guarantee that will happen.

4. The town hires the group to evict the owner of the Lucky Strip Tavern. He has unpaid taxes. Problem is the tavern basement is the home of the local thieves guild and eviction will only be meet by force.

5. The group is in search of a rare book. A recluse bibliophile currently own that book and refuses to part with it. If pressed he gives the group a list of a dozen books he requires in trade.

6. You arrive in town and something is off. Everyone is wearing dresses. Man, women, and child. An edict from the Baron has been handed down that everyday is Dress Day. The group is offered an assortment of dresses to choose from. Pink being the most popular.

Monday, October 31, 2016

6 Forest Encounters

A collection of six forest/wilderness encounters, adventure seeds, or random thoughts.

1. You meet an albino elf, he claims his pigment has been stolen by a nefarious Kaleidomancer. His tribe had their pigment drained away and their desires for life extinguished. His village is not far from here and he ask for you to bring the color back.

2. A Shepherd is running for his life. His flock of sheep have turned on him and are attempting to hunt him down. A demon tainted virus has spread throughout the flock and has turned them into vicious predators.

3. The voice of a young woman travels through the wind. You piece together a cry for help. By following the voice it leads you to a cave. It's inhabitants are a tribe of goblins. The cave is also the burial grounds of an elven maiden who wishes to sleep in peace.

4. The group is harass by a band of Pixies, they are hurling chunks of bloody meat at them. Not far from the scene is a pack of wolves trailing the scent.

5. A corpse lies on the ground. It has fallen from great heights and its heart has been ripped out. A Peryton is on the hunt and attempts to pick off one person at a time. He swoops in to grab his target and ascends to great heights, then drops his prey on the floor. Then he descends down to tears its heart out.

6. A caravan of slavers move through the forest. They offer to sell their stock to the group. The slaves are from a local hamlet and the slavers are looking to flip their recent acquisition quickly.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Beast Folio Volume 3 Released

Beast Folio Volume 3 released on RPGnow. It is PWYW and all proceeds go towards new artwork. With Volume 1 and 2 I have 12 monsters with full color artwork. Right now I have about 8 pieces of monster artwork waiting for text. I also have 3 older pieces(Moon Golem, Flesh Painting, and Mnemonic Devourer) that needs updating and rework. Once I get enough monster entries done I'll get a proper layout and edit to do a nice print edition. Want to thank everyone for their support.

Beast Folio Vol. 1

Beast Folio Vol. 2

Beast Folio Vol. 3

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ferocity Dummy

No. Enc: 2d4
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Movement:  Fly: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 4 + 2
Attack: 2 (weapon)
Damage: 1d8/1d8 (weapon)
Save: F4
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None
XP: 365

Ferocity Dummies are sword practice targets who have awakened with vengeful anger after decades of bashes, slashes, and pokes. The accumulated hatred leaves residual psychic anger that manifest into sentient beings with the sole purpose of murder and mayhem. A Ferocity Dummy is made of wood, canvas, and straw with a blade in each hand. They have torn themselves from their base and fly through crumbling dungeons with murderous intent.


  • Ferocity Dummies feed off hatred, each successful hit against the dummy fuels its anger. For each hit the Ferocity Dummy gains a +1 bonus to damage. The damage is cumulative. If the dummy is hit four times in a round, it receives a +4 to damage on its next attacks. The damage bonus resets to zero if a round passes and dummy is not damaged. 
  • Once per round the Ferocity Dummy can perform a counter attack on its opponents turn. If successfully attacked, the dummy can immediately strike back with one attack.
  • Ferocity Dummies are immune to mind-affecting spells. 

Adventure Seeds

The Sacred Flame Monastery has gone quiet. The martial monks years of practice has awakened dreadful anger from their mundane targets.
This dungeon room is an armory filled with rusted weapons and cobwebs. In the center of the room are a half dozen Ferocity Dummies silently waiting to draw blood.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 Random Town Encounters

1. The group is assaulted by Librarians who mistake one of the PCs for being extremely delinquent on some books. The Librarians attack with non-lethal damage and once the group is subdued, confiscate any scrolls or book in their possession.

2. You hear haunting melodies coming from beneath the sewer grate. A pair of Sirens have taken up residence down below and luring stray travelers to their death.

3. As you are moving around town you hear cries for help. A building is burning down and a young girl screams from the second story window for help. Within a matter of minutes the entire building will be engulfed in flames.

4. A man with meat strapped to his body runs frantically into the alleyway. A pack of stray dogs chasing behind.

5. A strung out opium addict stops you in the street. He offers adventuring gear at rock bottom prices. At a nearby inn a lone adventurer lies dead in his bed.

6. The stable erupts into chaos. Horses are trampling the stable boys and rampaging in the streets. A bad case of mad horse disease has broken out.

7. A group of children bully a young lad. They circle him and assault him with threats. If interrupted they pull out knives and threaten to do the same to you.

8. A tax collector stops the group and ask if they have paid their excess taxes. He then proceeds to ask them financial questions and ask for proof of current wealth. Once collected he imposes a 10% tax on current coinage.

9. Slavers travel down the main street with their most prized possession, a Hill Giant. His shackles come undone and he savagely attacks all nearby. The Slavers warn the group not to harm their prized possession or they will be replacements for damaged property.

10. The group notice citizens gather around for the afternoon hanging. Moments after the sound of broken necks the dead rise to seek vengeance against their audience.

6 Town Adventure Seeds

1. The headmaster of the local wizard academy has been replaced by a Succubus. She has seduced and charmed the facility. Rumors of missing students echo throughout the town. Your band of adventurers have been hired to go undercover to find out what is really going on.

2. The Red Scale Bank has opened for business. This house of usury is funded by an Ancient Red Dragon and those failing to pay exorbitant fees/interest for loans are burnt to a crisp. The bankers are draconian thugs who prey on the weak and less fortunate.

3. A peddler has been selling fake magic items, customers are outraged for being swindled. They would retaliate except the peddler has hired two Minotaur bodyguards who are with him at all times.

4. The local tavern main course is in jeopardy. The red fin trout from the local lake have begun to disappear. A monstrous sea creature has move into the lake and has been disrupting the fragile ecosystem.

5. The town is in panic, the local guards have surrounded a prominent home and negotiating with a band of thugs to not execute the family inside. The thugs are asking for a far fetch ransom the town can't provide. The group is ask to obtain the ransom or end the hostage situation by stealth and force.

6.  People are being abducted into the alleyways and disappearing. Nothing remains except their images now graffitied on the walls. The town folk say if you stare long enough at the images they move and the alleyway walls are actually a prison.