Wednesday, July 20, 2016

6 Town Adventure Seeds

1. The headmaster of the local wizard academy has been replaced by a Succubus. She has seduced and charmed the facility. Rumors of missing students echo throughout the town. Your band of adventurers have been hired to go undercover to find out what is really going on.

2. The Red Scale Bank has opened for business. This house of usury is funded by an Ancient Red Dragon and those failing to pay exorbitant fees/interest for loans are burnt to a crisp. The bankers are draconian thugs who prey on the weak and less fortunate.

3. A peddler has been selling fake magic items, customers are outraged for being swindled. They would retaliate except the peddler has hired two Minotaur bodyguards who are with him at all times.

4. The local tavern main course is in jeopardy. The red fin trout from the local lake have begun to disappear. A monstrous sea creature has move into the lake and has been disrupting the fragile ecosystem.

5. The town is in panic, the local guards have surrounded a prominent home and negotiating with a band of thugs to not execute the family inside. The thugs are asking for a far fetch ransom the town can't provide. The group is ask to obtain the ransom or end the hostage situation by stealth and force.

6.  People are being abducted into the alleyways and disappearing. Nothing remains except their images now graffitied on the walls. The town folk say if you stare long enough at the images they move and the alleyway walls are actually a prison.

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