Friday, July 8, 2016

6 Giant Killer Bees Adventure Seeds

Last year I wrote an article about Giant Killer Bees and had some adventure seeds in my notebook. I forgot about them and just rediscovered that notebook a few days ago. I figured I'll post them. Not that Giant Killer Bees are typical adversaries, but what the hell.

1. A local alchemist is paying 10 gold pieces for each stinger collected from a Giant Killer Bee. The poison in the stinger can only last 24 hours before being preserved.

2. Collect jars of honey in the bee hive. The honey is rumored to have curative properties.

3. The local village has been attacked by Giant Killer Bees. Local bandits are disturbing the hive and directing the bee attacks on the village with the intention of clearing the residents and claiming it for themselves.

4. Thousands of Giant Killer Bees are being cultivated on the desolate hills. A dark druid has taken control of the hive consciousness and using them to wipe the scourge of humanity from his domain.

5. The local hive has grown to immense proportions and only a vast army could destroy it. Now alchemist have tasked you with a mission to find components with the intent to create a virus to wipe out their population.

6. When the Giant Killer Bees extract nectar from plants they destroy them in the process. The farmland is devastated as the swarm continue to encroach on fertile territory.

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