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50 Random Mundane Items

A Collection of items to add to a treasure hoard, dungeon room, or foes purse. Value is worthless to a collectors treasures.

50 Random Mundane Items. 

1. Velvet Purse
2. Shrunken Head
3. Cornhusk Doll
4. Bottle of Perfume
5. Glass Jar with a preserved animal
6. Necklace Pouch
7. Loin-Cloth
8. Smokepipe
9. Bag of Shell Bits
10. Bronze Chime
11. Shiny Stone
12. Bag with multi-colored chalk
13. Miniature Copper Bell
14. Iron Whistle
15. Rusty Nose Ring
16. Purple Dyed Pebble
17. Dried Scalp with semi-precious stones sewn in.
18. Hookah
19. Tome of Substance Most Toxic
20. Unicorn Shaped Earring
21. Serrated Knife
22. Windfan with a Dragon Image
23. Vial of Urine
24. Gold-Plated Shackles
25. Clay Pot with Rainbow Colored Mold
26. Fish Net
27. Journal of a Toymaker
28. Glass Eye
29. Pitchfork
30. 10ft Pole with a Mirror at the end.
31. Tar Paper
32. Skeleton Key
33. Libram of "Things that shall not be said"
34. Charcoal Bar
35. Feather Headband
36. Set of Wooden Soldiers
37. Pot of Lard
38. Vial with Peppermint Oil
39. Stained Glass Window with Butterflies
40. Taxidermied Fox
41. Leather Corset
42. Grinning Idol
43. Box of Chocolate Eggs
44. Baby Carriage made of Bones
45. Cart filled with Seaweed
46. Abacus
47. Statue of a Porcelain Elephant
48. Box of Gray Stone Tiles
49. Wooden Plank engraved with words of love
50. Book of Children's Names

Session 6 Recap: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 6 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 3rd Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 3rd Level Wood Elf Cleric
Neurion: 3rd Level Wood Elf Monk
Shank: 3rd Level Forest Gnome Rogue (Played by Greg this session)

Write up by Chris

Session 6 - The Trials of Cragmaw Castle

The party sat quietly in the run down building they had hunkered down in bandaging their wounds and thinking about their dilemma. Should they stay and face the deadly Venom Fang and his poison gas breath or knowing the location of Cragmaw Castle, go and help their friend Gundren Rockseeker. Baelgor spoke first, "We should leave this town and find my old friend and mentor Gundren. The dragon has not seemed to notice us and we may be able to still escape unseen." Neurion wanting to rid the town of this evil fiend shook his head in disagreement wanting to test out all of his new found powers and training. "You realize we can't attack this dragon without dealing with those cultists" Baelgor retorted to Neurion's gesture, knowing what he was thinking. "You know I can not just attack those men. They have shown us no ill will despite their ill-advised intentions" Neurion replied back. Nestor reflecting quietly spoke up softly, "From what we know of the dragon we will be facing a most formidable foe. With the force of its cult following behind it we stand no chance. However, should we rescue Gundren we might find additional allies in helping us rid this town of its scourge." "Shank, what say you," asked Baelgor. "Ah, this fog keeps swimming through me head not letting me make me decisions." Shank replied continuing to feel as if he were controlled by someone else. "Let us move along and explore the rest of town and get to Cragmaw Castle, but we will return to take care of this evil Wyrm another day" Neurion uttered in disappointment.

The four adventurers left the building, heading north to what appeared to be a town square. In the middle sat a statue of Palien, a legendary hero whom had defeated many of foul monsters and creatures Nestor recounted for the group. Wondering if there was some secret to the statue Baelgor using his formidable might tried pushing the warn figurine from its stand. Finding nothing of interest the party set forth exploring the three buildings encircling the statue. Finding nothing of importance in the two small buildings the party cautiously approached the building appearing to be an old barracks. Nestor slowly swung the door open, mace drawn and entered the building. Hearing a rustle to the north of the room Nestor watched as four cats, bits of flesh hanging from their bodies, reanimated letting out deathly screeches and quickly moving towards him. The rest of the group hearing the screech of the cats moved to assist Nestor but not before catching the glimpse of a skeletal creature with long sharp nails creeping around the north end of the building and four more creatures emerging through some foliage to the northwest.

Nestor and Neurion quickly set in to action obliterating the cats in the building while Baelgor and Shank headed to the northwest corner of the house to attack the corpse and what now appeared to be undead cats. Baelgor rushed towards the corpse slashing with his long sword and striking hard yet feeling like his blows barely made the creature shudder. Before Baelgor could adjust the corpse reaching out with its boney hands and long nails quickly grabbed Baelgor in an iron glad grip strangling him. Shank following behind Baelgor set in to action killing one of the cats and then watched in disbelief as Baelgor, struggling with the undead creatures grasp, thrust his sword up through the creatures chest in to its skull causing the creature to release Baelgor and fall lifeless to the ground. Nestor and Neurion hearing the battle outside the building ran towards the open door to aid their friends. Baelgor choking, watched as the undead creature reanimated letting out a scream that released great pain inside his head and caused him to turn and flee destroying an undead cat along his way. Nestor and Neurion turning the corner of the house watched as Baelgor bolted past them catching a glimpse of and undead creature reaching towards Shank, grasping his neck and lifting him off the ground in a death grip. They rushed quickly to his aid, Nestor calling to Salune to turn these foul beasts and make them flee. One of the cats quickly bolted for the woods to the north however the call to Salune seemed to have no effect on the undead corpse and Shank was struggling to stay alive at this point. Baelgor quickly rejoined the trio and they all set to destroying the corpse, freeing Shank from its deadly hold. Not wanting to alert the dragon but fearing the corpse would reanimate again they set fire to it and moved inside the barracks exploring it for more creatures and anything that might help them along their journey. Sifting through the refuse they found some potions but nothing further. After a short discussion they all agreed to head to Cragmaw Castle.

The party set out from Thundertree skirting the edge of Neverwinter Forest heading to the location Reidoth had shared with them. Resting and healing themselves along the way the party prepared themselves for even more fighting they knew would be ahead of them. Finding a path that Reidoth had told them to look for, the party headed in to the forest. Shank using his roguish stealth set about exploring the area ahead of them coming upon a dwarf building a large wooden staircase and seemingly oblivious to anything around him. While Shank headed North, Nestor using his ability to blend in with the forest, scouted the area to the east catching a glimpse of the staircase and the dwarf to the north. Regrouping with the rest of the party they decide to approach the dwarf and determine what he knows about Cragmaw Castle and what the purpose of the stairs could be.

Entering the clearing where the dwarf was working on the stairs Baelgor called up to the dwarf, "Rockseeker." "What" replied the dwarf in a curious voice looking down on the party through a pair of goggles. "Are you a Rockseeker" Baelgor yelled out again. "Rockseeker, bah, rubbish clan, I be of the Rumkeg clan. Who goes there? Do you come to marvel my stairway to treasure?" Baelgor slowly climbed the stairs towards the dwarf feeling them sway under his weight. "Be careful you fool, these stairs are not for the likes of you" the dwarf yelled out. "What are these stairs for exactly," Balegor questioned. "My brother told me of a rich ore in a distant land" the dwarf responded pointing towards the sun. "What do you know of Cragmaw Castle" Baelgor asked. "Cragmaw Castle eh, not intereseted, I must keep building me stairs to find the rich ore" the dwarf remarked as he went back to hammering. Baelgor knowing he would get nothing further from the dwarf headed back down to the group but not before setting off a chain reaction of the stairs splintering apart and crashing down carrying the crazy dwarf with it. The adventurers quickly set forth trying to free the dwarf from the rubble uncovering his lifeless body. Searching around his camp the party found some supplies and treasure.

With night falling quickly they set camp so that they could approach the castle in daylight if possible. In the middle of the night, Nestor heard the patter of foot steps approach the campsite. Springing up with his mace in hand he used his infravision to pick up the outline of a female figure approaching them quickly. Nestor called out to the group who quickly awoke and joined him as the girl finally reached them. Surprised by the unexpected presence of the four adventurers the sobbing girl quickly covered herself. "What brings you this way and why do you cry", Nestor asked. "My boyfriend . . . we . . . creatures grabbed him . . . lake . . ." she sobbed. "Slow yourself young lady and tell us what happened" Neurion spoke. Nestor grabbed some clothing from his pack and handed it to the girl as she covered herself, crying less and composing herself. "My boyfriend was attacked by creatures and dragged in to the lake. We came to the lake as we often do to get away from our parents. He's disappeared, you need to help him, quickly, please!" the girl began to sob again. The party not wanting to waste any time quickly headed to the Northeast following the girls directions to the location of the lake.

As they slowly approached the lake they heard and saw nothing. The water appearing to be calm under the moonlight above. As they approached the water slowly, Nestor heard a rustle off to the east in the trees unable to see anything and Shank watched the water ripple off to the north catching the outline of something coming forth. Quickly a green tentacle came through the trees grasping Nestor while he tried to call forth a spell from Salune. As the tentacle wrapped around him squeezing him tightly Nestor recognized the Decapus, a forest creature he recognized from the large bulbous head with massive fangs and multiple tentacles. Neurion quickly rushed to his aid lashing out with strikes from his quarterstaff, hands and feet. Shank and Baelgor distracted by the fighting to the east where surprised by the approach of a hideous fleshy creature with multiple mouths, beaks and eyes.

Baelgor and Shank, although surprised, took little time to bash and slice the Gibbering Mouther to shreds while Neurion, trying hard to free Nestor from the Decapus's grasp, set forth with a flurry of staff strikes and swift punches and kicks. The Decapus shrieked out in agony letting lose of Nestor as it fell from the tree it was holding to. Wasting no time Neurion finished the creature of crushing its body in to a green pool of sticky slime. After Shank and Baelgor helped Nestor up, Nestor set forth to healing the party. Shank caught a glimpse of something shiny in the water. Not wanting to leave anything of worth behind, and somehow thinking that nothing else lay below the moonlit water surface, he quickly stripped down and slipped in to the water heading toward the glimmer that caught his eye. He surfaced after a few seconds with an armful of treasure showing it to his comrades as they headed back to continue their rest for the evening.

Sleeping through the night with no other incident the party awoke rested and prepared for their investigation of the castle. After continuing north for a while they came up on the ruins of an old castle with 7 towers and its uppermost floors collapsed. Not knowing for sure if this was Cragmaw Castle the team searched all around the area investigating any entrance within that they could find. The adventurers quickly entered through a large hole in the north end of the castle. Entering a large open room they noticed some stores to the south along with a thick curtain and a door to the east. Baelgor set out to check the door to the east along with Nestor while Baelgor and Shank investigated the curtain to the south. Baelgor unable to simply open the door to the east lowered his shoulder and quickly knocked it open. Soon after the sound of feet could be heard heading south with the sound of doors opening. Having been alerted to keep a look out from the south, Neurion headed through the curtain to the south and laid in waiting for anything coming from the south.

Shank slowly following Neurion watched as two hobgoblins came in to the room, Neurion quickly lashing out with his monk fury surprising one of the armored and well armed creatures. Shank quickly moved along side Neurion while one of the creatures was distracted and landed a few blows with his scimitar. Nestor hearing the commotion returned back to the room they entered and quickly headed south to join his companions while Baelgor headed south in to what appeared to be a barracks. He noticed the door open to the west and the two hobgoblins within. He quickly ran through the door surprising the nearest hobgoblin and lopping its head off. The remaining hobgoblin upset with the fall of its brethren attacked Shank and Neurion with increased rage. Suddenly it heard a call to Salune and felt its skin explode in a radiant flame before it saw nothing but blackness. The three companions looked back at Nestor with a smile before they quickly moved to search the foul creatures and the barracks Baelgor had found. They also explored the area to the northeast finding a door but deciding that they should explore the tower just off the barracks to the south.

Preparing for whatever was beyond the door, Baelgor lifted a wooden bar off the door expecting that his friend Gundren might be beyond. Quickly opening the door he is greeted by the unexpected sight of a large bearish creature with an bird like head . . .

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Session 5 Recap: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 5 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 3rd Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 3rd Level Wood Elf Cleric
Neurion: 3rd Level Wood Elf Monk
Shank: 3rd Level Forest Gnome Rogue (Played by Chris this session)

Write up by Chris

Session 5 - Venom Fang and an Old Squirrelly Man

The air around them fell silent, hanging thick with an evil presence that none of the hearty adventurers could fully understand. Staying ever alert the party entered the old building to the north quickly scouring the first room for anything of value before cautiously moving in to a room to the west. Upon entering the room the scent of stale beer and mildew filled their noses. Once again, the party searched the room for anything of value finding nothing. Finding no signs of the druid Reidoth, or any other living creature, Baelgor led the way south down the ragged trail towards building that looked well taken care of with a thick metal strapped doors and solid shudders. Peering inside one of the windows, Nestor caught a glimpse of an old man resting on a bed inside. The remainder of the house was very barren besides a lone desk on the north wall. As the party knocked on the door Nestor watched in amazement as the old man quickly jumped out of bed transforming in to a squirrel before disappearing out of sight through a small hole. Quickly the team sprinted to the south catching no sign of the apparent druid.

Hearing the chatters of some squirrels in tree to the south, next to another dilapidated building, Nestor called up in to the trees telling Reidoth he could come down and that he would be safe. The squirrels just stared and chattered angrily back at Nestor as the rest of the party came to explore the area. As the party continued to try coax who they thought was Reidoth down from the branches, eight twig blights sprung in to action against the party. Having new found strength and purpose the group quickly destroyed the creatures with little effort. Not wanting to waste any more time calling to the druid, they headed back to the house the old man had been found in. Walking through the entrance to the house they were surprised to find the old man, once again, resting in a bed.

"Are you Reidoth" asked Neurion, "are you the druid friend of Qeline Alderleaf?" Hearing no response Neurion moved closer to the old man reaching out to shake him. As he got closer the old man raised his arm and in a gruff and short tempered voice asked, "What do you want?'. Once again Neurion asked if he was Reidoth the old man snippily responding, "Yes". "We heard that you might now the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle and possibly the fate of my good friend Gundren Rockseeker" Baelgor said as he cautiously eyed the old man. "Yea" the old man quickly responded. The four men knowing that they would have to pry information and sensing they only seemed to annoy him quickly set upon him with questions around Cragmaw Castle and it's whereabouts along with any other information around Thundertree that he could share. The old man knowing that these adventurers were not going to leave him be, headed towards a desk drawing a map to the location of Cragmaw Castle and telling them of recent events in Thundertree. "There have been men with black masks and cloaks walking around town to the east and a nasty reptilian creature has setup residence in the old tower ruins to the north east". "I know nothing more than this so leave me be." The party was able to harass the man for more information around this reptilian creature learning its name, Venom Fang, and that it was a young dragon in dragon years but that the druid did not know why it decided to take up residence in the towns tower. Needing time to recoup and meditate the party asked the old man if the house was safe, hoping that he would be rid of them by the morning he assured them it was and they settled down for an uneventful night of cautious sleep and meditation.

Shank awoke the next morning to find the old man in the bed again having seen change in to a squirrel and venturing out the night before. Feeling not quite himself and as if he was being controlled by someone else he quickly set about gathering his supplies and waking the reminder of the sleeping party up. The group set out east from the house, making sure to avoid disturbing the old man, and headed down a path the appeared to lead towards the center of town. Along the way they stumbled upon some very large webbing sensing that danger lurked somewhere close. Nestor pulling a torch from his pack set it ablaze walking towards the webbing blocking the rest of their way. He slowly burned through the webbing while the rest of the party kept watch. As Nestor continued forward, Baelgor and Neurion watched as two large black spiders with fangs dripping with venom emerged, one from the southwest and one from a building to the south.

Before Nestor could react a glob of webbing shot past him striking the trees behind him nearly missing Shank. Shank quickly circled around to the south west working with Baelgor and Neurion to take down one of the creatures. Baelgor swinging his deft blade and Neurion releasing a flurry of kicks and thrusts with his staff bashed the creature to a pulpy mess. Nestor, unable to get through the webbing blocking the path to the other spider, pulled out his bow releasing arrow after arrow hitting everything but the spider itself. Another glob of webbing shot forth from the spider's mouth engulfing Nestor slowing his movement and preventing him from casting any spells. Neurion trying to find a clear path snuck around the side and back of the building only to find his way blocked by more webbing. Shank and Baelgor, finding openings in the webbing to get them close to the creature began a rehearsed dance of attacking and parrying, Shank distracting the creature enough allowing Baelgor to sink his blade deep inside the creatures head.

Clearing out the rest of the webbing they found a body engulfed in webbing, sucked dry of all of its fluids but still equipped. The party deciding to hold off exploring the path and tower to the north while they explored the town hoping to find anything that might help them in their big fight they knew might come soon. Continuing to move through town cautiously the adventurers destroyed two more zombies and explored more ruins finding the lost heirloom Miran's family before finally coming upon another well held together house with barricaded doors. Finding no way to enter the structure, or look inside, Baelgor knocked on one of the doors while the rest of the group stood watch. Baelgor listened as items scraped against the floor inside appearing that what was ever barricading the door was being removed. The door slowly creaked open a black masked figure emerging from within with the door almost closing completely behind him.

"Who are you and what do you want" asked the man. Baelgor replied, "We are adventurers looking for a friend. Who are you?". "I am Favrik, leader of the dragon cult here to serve the mighty dragon Venom Fang and to pay him tribute," replied the man as he slowly removed the mask. Baelgor and Neurion continued to listen to the cultist talk of his role of more cult members coming to Thundertree to pay homage in lard to appease Venom Fang in hopes of becoming a wyrm rider like others in his cult. Not wishing to waste any more time on the cultists, and not knowing what awaited them in surprise behind the doors, Baelgor and Neurion cautiously wished the Favrik good luck and the party headed north from the house hearing the door close behind them and items being slid back in place to barricade it. They looked off to the north west wondering wondering how quickly the dragon would devour the lard and the men that claimed to serve him.

Coming upon yet another aged and weather worn building Nestor entered slowly quickly being surprised by the sight and attacks of six twig blights and yet another green cauliflower looking creature. Nestor once again felt his brain being intruded as a rush of psionic energy swept through his body, paralyzing him in his tracks and sending searing pain through his thoughts. Shank still feeling under the control of something unknown set in to action with his blade dispatching of two blights and helping to distract the others form Nestor. Baelgor with a furry and speed of a skilled solder chopped the cauliflower creature in two while also obliterating one of the blights. Neurion calling upon his skillful staff attacks and powerful strikes dispatched of another blight before watching with somewhat awe and inspiration as Nestor enraged from the loss of control caused by the cauliflower creature, pummeled the last blight in to dust, his knuckles bloodied and his face contorted in rage.

While they took a short rest and healed their wounds, the party debated as to what the next course of action was to be: Should they continue searching the town in hopes of finding out what happened to it, then try and dispatch of the Venom Fang, should they go back and kill the cultists in fear that they attack the adventurers should they take action against Venom Fang, or should they go and find their friend Gundren not knowing what evil awaited them at Cragmaw castle. . .

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Zombie, Radiation (Swords & Wizardry)

Zombie, Radiation

Hit Dice: 2
Armor Class: 8 (11)
Attacks: Strike (1d8)
Saving Throw: 9
Special: Immune to sleep and charm spells, radiation aura
Move: 6
Alignment: Neutrality
Number Ecnountered: 2d4
Challenge Rating: 3/60

Sometimes when highly radiated meteor crashes into the Earth it can cause the dead to rise and become radioactive. Most meteors crash harmlessly but on a rare occasion it has been reported that a large meteor will impact directly on a village or town killing all that reside there. This horrid event will trigger the recently slain to raise up as zombies with radiation flowing through their body.

Radiation Zombies have an aura of radiation. Each living creature within 30ft of a Radiation Zombie must save or be drain of 1 point of Constitution. If there are multiple Radiation Zombies then a save is needed for each aura. If reduced to zero Constitution the victim will die and rise as a Radiation Zombie the following round. If the Radiation Zombie is slain in combat their radiation aura has a diminished intensity and will only require a save once per day. Constitution damage from Radiation will return at a rate of 1 per day.

Artwork by Joanna Ballendorf

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6 Random Adventure Sites

6 Random Adventure Sites. 

1. The City of Silence: Located on a demiplane is a city where speech is forbidden. Floating orb sized automatons patrol this industrial city on the prowl for verbal communication. Anyone communicating through voice are attacked by these orbs and taken to the grand palace. No one has ever returned after being apprehended.

2. Gloom Forest: A scarred and black forest where natural wildlife have long vanished. The flora is grey and bleak like all vibrant colors have been removed. Navigating this forest is extremely difficult and many travelers have become lost. Each day in the forest drains away your charisma. When reduced to zero charisma you have no desire to live.

3. Tower of Worlds: On the highest peak of a massive mountain sits the Tower of Worlds. This fabled tower has dozens of doors scattered through haphazard levels. Each door leads to a new world. The Keepers of the Tower are blind monks who will do anything to preserve and protect the sanctity of this marvelous site.

4. The Orphanage: An orphanage deep inside a dense wooded area was hit by an asteroid years ago. The asteroid partially destroyed the structure. The orphans and staff were instantly killed upon impact. Radiation has spoiled the site and rumors of zombies glowing with a green glow has keep local civilians at bay.

5. Prison of Disease: On the outskirts of town lies an abandoned prison. Years ago a deadly disease originated from inside. First infecting the inmates then the guards. The warden out of desperation barricaded everyone inside. After a week the disease took its final victim.

6. Degenerate Caverns of Woe. Buried deep inside the barrow hills lies the degenerate caverns. Every humanoid who spends too much time within the cavern slowly returns to their primeval state. A clan of barbarians who spent a winter inside the caves to seek shelter quickly devolve into primitive humans with a taste for flesh. Rumors of other weird mutations have spread through the countryside.

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Flesh Painting

Flesh Painting

Hit Dice: 7+2
Armor Class: 6 (13)
Attacks: 4 tentacles (1d6)
Saving Throw: 9
Special: Mimicry, grab, constrict, reach
Move: 0
Alignment: Neutrality
Number Ecnountered: 1
Challenge Rating: 9/1,100

Flesh Paintings were created by a cabal of wizard in ages long ago. These wizards practiced a form of magic called skincrafting. They fused objects and aberrations of flesh into new species. The Flesh Painting were created to be spies and assassins for these wizards. These creatures have the ability to mimic any painting or portrait. They were given to enemies as gifts. There they spied on them and waited for a time to strike. When the time was right four massive tentacles emerge from the painting to squeeze the life out of their victims.

Flesh Painting are immobile creatures. Their tentacles can reach out for up to 30ft which is usually enough to cover a rather large room. If the Flesh Painting hits with a tentacle attack the opponent must make a saving throw or be held. Each round held they take constriction damage of 1d6 until a new saving throw is made to break free.

artwork by Joanna Ballendorf

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Golem, Moon

Golem, Moon

Hit Dice: 12 (60 Hit Points)
Armor Class: 5 (14)
Attack: Fist: (3d8)
Saving Throw: 3
Special: Unaffected by slashing and piercing weapons, hit only by magic blunt weapons, immune to most spells, vacuum inhalation
Move: 6
Alignment: Neutrality
Challenge Level/XP: 16/3200

Moon Golems are rare creations of only the most studied practitioner of magic. This Golem is created from the raw material of the moon and infused with life. Used by their creator to guard an important object or location. The Moon Golem understand basic commands given by their creator.

Moon Golems are immune to slashing and piercing weapons. They take normal damage from blunt weapons that are of +1 enchantment or better. They are immune to most spell except for those that are earth based. The Moon Golem can inhale all the air within a 60ft radius creating a vacuum. The air slowly returns to this area within 1d4 rounds.

Those within 60ft must save or begin to suffocate. On a failed save you drop to zero hit points, the following round you must save again or die. On successful save you are able to hold your breath during the Moon Golem inhalation. The Moon Golem vacuum inhalation ability can only used once per hour.

Artwork by Joanna Ballendorf