Sunday, May 10, 2015

Flesh Painting

Flesh Painting

Hit Dice: 7+2
Armor Class: 6 (13)
Attacks: 4 tentacles (1d6)
Saving Throw: 9
Special: Mimicry, grab, constrict, reach
Move: 0
Alignment: Neutrality
Number Ecnountered: 1
Challenge Rating: 9/1,100

Flesh Paintings were created by a cabal of wizard in ages long ago. These wizards practiced a form of magic called skincrafting. They fused objects and aberrations of flesh into new species. The Flesh Painting were created to be spies and assassins for these wizards. These creatures have the ability to mimic any painting or portrait. They were given to enemies as gifts. There they spied on them and waited for a time to strike. When the time was right four massive tentacles emerge from the painting to squeeze the life out of their victims.

Flesh Painting are immobile creatures. Their tentacles can reach out for up to 30ft which is usually enough to cover a rather large room. If the Flesh Painting hits with a tentacle attack the opponent must make a saving throw or be held. Each round held they take constriction damage of 1d6 until a new saving throw is made to break free.

artwork by Joanna Ballendorf

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