Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6 Random Adventure Sites

6 Random Adventure Sites. 

1. The City of Silence: Located on a demiplane is a city where speech is forbidden. Floating orb sized automatons patrol this industrial city on the prowl for verbal communication. Anyone communicating through voice are attacked by these orbs and taken to the grand palace. No one has ever returned after being apprehended.

2. Gloom Forest: A scarred and black forest where natural wildlife have long vanished. The flora is grey and bleak like all vibrant colors have been removed. Navigating this forest is extremely difficult and many travelers have become lost. Each day in the forest drains away your charisma. When reduced to zero charisma you have no desire to live.

3. Tower of Worlds: On the highest peak of a massive mountain sits the Tower of Worlds. This fabled tower has dozens of doors scattered through haphazard levels. Each door leads to a new world. The Keepers of the Tower are blind monks who will do anything to preserve and protect the sanctity of this marvelous site.

4. The Orphanage: An orphanage deep inside a dense wooded area was hit by an asteroid years ago. The asteroid partially destroyed the structure. The orphans and staff were instantly killed upon impact. Radiation has spoiled the site and rumors of zombies glowing with a green glow has keep local civilians at bay.

5. Prison of Disease: On the outskirts of town lies an abandoned prison. Years ago a deadly disease originated from inside. First infecting the inmates then the guards. The warden out of desperation barricaded everyone inside. After a week the disease took its final victim.

6. Degenerate Caverns of Woe. Buried deep inside the barrow hills lies the degenerate caverns. Every humanoid who spends too much time within the cavern slowly returns to their primeval state. A clan of barbarians who spent a winter inside the caves to seek shelter quickly devolve into primitive humans with a taste for flesh. Rumors of other weird mutations have spread through the countryside.

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