Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Zombie, Radiation (Swords & Wizardry)

Zombie, Radiation

Hit Dice: 2
Armor Class: 8 (11)
Attacks: Strike (1d8)
Saving Throw: 9
Special: Immune to sleep and charm spells, radiation aura
Move: 6
Alignment: Neutrality
Number Ecnountered: 2d4
Challenge Rating: 3/60

Sometimes when highly radiated meteor crashes into the Earth it can cause the dead to rise and become radioactive. Most meteors crash harmlessly but on a rare occasion it has been reported that a large meteor will impact directly on a village or town killing all that reside there. This horrid event will trigger the recently slain to raise up as zombies with radiation flowing through their body.

Radiation Zombies have an aura of radiation. Each living creature within 30ft of a Radiation Zombie must save or be drain of 1 point of Constitution. If there are multiple Radiation Zombies then a save is needed for each aura. If reduced to zero Constitution the victim will die and rise as a Radiation Zombie the following round. If the Radiation Zombie is slain in combat their radiation aura has a diminished intensity and will only require a save once per day. Constitution damage from Radiation will return at a rate of 1 per day.

Artwork by Joanna Ballendorf

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