Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Golem, Moon

Golem, Moon

Hit Dice: 12 (60 Hit Points)
Armor Class: 5 (14)
Attack: Fist: (3d8)
Saving Throw: 3
Special: Unaffected by slashing and piercing weapons, hit only by magic blunt weapons, immune to most spells, vacuum inhalation
Move: 6
Alignment: Neutrality
Challenge Level/XP: 16/3200

Moon Golems are rare creations of only the most studied practitioner of magic. This Golem is created from the raw material of the moon and infused with life. Used by their creator to guard an important object or location. The Moon Golem understand basic commands given by their creator.

Moon Golems are immune to slashing and piercing weapons. They take normal damage from blunt weapons that are of +1 enchantment or better. They are immune to most spell except for those that are earth based. The Moon Golem can inhale all the air within a 60ft radius creating a vacuum. The air slowly returns to this area within 1d4 rounds.

Those within 60ft must save or begin to suffocate. On a failed save you drop to zero hit points, the following round you must save again or die. On successful save you are able to hold your breath during the Moon Golem inhalation. The Moon Golem vacuum inhalation ability can only used once per hour.

Artwork by Joanna Ballendorf

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