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Session 4: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 4 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 2nd Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 2nd Level Wood Elf Cleric
Neurion: 2nd Level Wood Elf Monk
Shank: 2nd Level Forest Gnome Rogue

Write Up written by Chris

Session 4 - Betrayal

The party wondering how bandits could have snuck up on them in the crypt explored the northern corridor again only to find a secret sliding door which lead back in to the underground cellar they had entered from a few hours earlier. Having rested little the party cautiously explored the rest of the underground cellar looking for signs of Iarno. They headed down a staircase in the northwest corner of the cellar carefully entering through a door to the north leading them in to a wizard's workshop adorned with strange concoctions brewing upon a table and shelves of books along the walls. A rat scurried along the floor towards a hiding place along one of the bookshelves were it eerily stared at the group. Suddenly a door to the east swung open, a Red Brand stepping through the doorway to attack.

Behind the bandit a man dressed in arcane robes and carrying a glass staff began to chant, reaching out his hand towards Baelgor, magical energy filling the room as arcane missiles flew forth from his hand striking Baelgor down. Shank catching the Red Brand off guard shot an arrow through his face blasting him to the floor. Nestor calling out to Selune placed his hand on Baelgor's chest stopping his ascension in to the spiritual plane. Neurion all the while runs through the door to the east only to find the wizard has slipped through another secret passage and escaped. Fighting the urge to chase the wizard down, Neurion retreats from the secret door looking for any items that could possibly help heal is companion Baelgor.

Before the party even has time to regroup the wizard suddenly appears in the doorway they came through to enter the workshop. Feeling something tug at his senses Nestor remains sharply focused and wards of the prying power of the wizard only to see his companion Neurion fall in a similar fate as Baelgor. Shank and Nestor set in to action dispatching the evil mage before he was able to do further harm to the group. Nestor being ever thankful to the healing power of Selune helps Neurions spiritual body return to his corporal form. Having no other option than to try and rest and protect their downed companions, Shank and Nestor barricade themselves and their friends in to the wizards room hoping that by dispatching the wizard they have taken down the Red Brands and their apparent leader.

While their companions rested the duo searched the mages quarters discovering shocking information implicating Iorna had deceived the Lords Alliance and his friend Gundren under the command of the unknown Black Spider. Apparently Iorna was to obtain any maps the party might be carrying and capture if not kill the party if need be. Nestor and Shank wondered how Sildar would take this information and whether he would ask the party to investigate further.

The party was able to rest without incident and finished exploring the rest of the cellar looking for any other enemies, clues or treasure. After making sure the cellar was clear they party quickly returned to Phandalin to rest at Stonehill Inn. Waking up with rested but still worn down from the battles the previous few days, the party set out to find Sildar and deliver the bad news. They found him working in the Townmaster's Hall hunched over and looking through a pile of papers. Nestor delivered the news of Iarno's betrayal to a disgruntled but not overly surprised Sildar. "We must find Gundren," Sildar quickly spoke in a firm tone. "I offer you 500gp to find him." The party agreed to gather more information on Cragmaw Castle as well as Gundren's brothers to try and find them for more information regarding their brother and to set out to find Gundren.

Setting out from the Townmaster's Hall the group explored the town asking townsfolk along the way about any information they had regarding Cragmaw Castle, Gundren, his brothers or any other information they could gather. They entered the Miner's Exchange meeting the proprietor, Halia Thornton, a stoic and secretive female who only shared information with the party upon receiving information herself. After talking with her the group became uneasy sensing that now that the Red Brands were gone she might attempt to take control of the town which could mean good or bad for its citizens. Using the information they gathered from her the party set forth to talk with Qelline Alderleaf. It was through her that they learned of a druid, Reidoth, whom might have information regarding the whereabouts of this fabled Cragmaw Castle. They also learned that he had headed north to investigate Thundertree, the now evil enchanted and deserted town they had learned about from Miran just the day before. Selling their treasure and resupplying, the party stopped at Edermath Orchard on the way out of town to talk with Daren Edermath. Baelgor understanding the respect and nature of old military guard quickly struck up a conversation with the worn adventurer learning more about the region around Phandalin along with the Old Owl’s Well to the east and a strange tower located outside the haunted town of Thundertree.

The party struck out along the Triboar Trail heading towards the High Road taking it north to Neverwinter where they hoped to gather more information regarding Thundertree and the strange happenings that befell the town. Traveling along the High Road the adventurers reminisced about the trials they had faced thus far, feeling no closer to finding Gundren, but understanding that this mystery could be even bigger than they imagined. After a long uneventful travel, Baelgor and Neurion entered Neverwinter looking to gather more information from Baelgor’s old comrades and informants. Learning no more than they already knew, the adventurers set out once again this time heading east towards the Thundertree.

After a day of travel the group came upon a sign warning them to beware plant monsters and zombies around Thundertree. Knowing that they needed to press on to try and find Reidoth and any other clues that might help them, the team cautiously entered Thundertree, a small old and run down village with dilapidated buildings scattered around. Sensing a strange evil in the place the party prepared for battle not knowing when it would begin but that it would nonetheless.

Neurion and Nestor slowly approached the first cottage they happened upon entering through an open doorway when two small creatures made of twigs sprung forth from the corner of the room quickly attacking Neurion. Using his lightning quick reflexes Neurion is able to dispatch of the twig blights in rapid fashion. Nestor trying to assist Neurion in dispatching the creatures found himself uncontrollably dropping his weapon and unable to formulate his thoughts to cast a spell, not knowing what strange happening was causing this to happen.
From the east a large creature resembling a big green brain floated in to the village center along with five more twig blights rushing out from the dilapidated buildings to the south. Baelgor quickly attacked the large creature slashing it across its brain looking body; ooze pouring from the wound, without a flinch from the foul creature. Shank not wanting to let Neurion have all the fun destroying the twig creatures sprang in to action dispatching of one in quick fashion. The brain creature shot out a wave of energy from its body striking Baelgor followed by Baelgor driving his blade through the creature’s body watching it slump to the ground lifeless. Neurion and Shank with brute force quickly dispatched of the remaining twig men while Nestor, recovered from his paralysis, called forth the power of Selune to heal Baelgor’s wounds.

The party continued exploring the buildings south of town finding treasure but no clues as to what might have befallen the town or any sign of the druid Reidoth. Heading towards a lone building to the north, Neurion opens a door stepping inside to find two zombies shuffling about before they notice his approach. Baelgor quickly enters behind Neurion attacking one of the creatures sending hitting the creature and sending a strange dust in to the air. Nestor following Baelgors lead enters the room calling out for the undead to flee in fear causing one of the creatures to head towards the corner of the building while Neurion, staff and fists striking with fury quickly dispatches of the other zombie but not before the strange powder being released from the creatures injuries began to oddly effect him.

Two more zombies approached Shank from the west. Shank moving to the east and away from the creatures, attacked the approaching zombies with his bow trying to avoid the odd powder emanating from their bodies when they were injured. The remaining three adventurers quickly filed out of the building hearing Shank’s warning of the approaching danger. Without thinking the party set in to action attacking and parrying as if they knew each other’s next move destroying the evil creatures before they could do any real harm to the band of brothers.

The party quickly regrouped feeling an increased surge of strength, quickness, vitality, divine power and skill that they knew was a reward for their hard work and drive to accomplish the daunting tasks set before them. . .

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