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Session 3: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 3 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 2nd Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 2nd Level Wood Elf Cleric
Neurion: 2nd Level Wood Elf Monk
Shank: 2nd Level Forest Gnome Rogue

Write Up written by Chris

Session 3 - The Dice Gods to the Rescue

"Nestor, you have served me well thus far, protected your friends and sacrificed yourself for the betterment of the world. As you continue your adventures you will come across great dangers and watch your friends and foes fall in battle. I see great things for you in your life but you cannot accomplish them without my blessings. Now awaken my son and venture forth in my honor to smite evil and protect those that can not" Nestor slowly opens his eyes as a warmth comes over him. Renewed energy and knowledge fill his body, mind and soul as he holds his lyre shaped amulet and says an elvish prayer in thanks to Apollo for his new found power.

Having spent the uneventful evening resting, Neurion, Baelgor, Shank and Nestor quietly ate a hardy morning meal at the Stonehill Inn in preparation for the fight they knew would await them at Tresendar Manor. They quickly moved east to the outskirts of Phandalin scouting out any vantage point they could discern for getting in to the Manor unseen. After scouring the hillside they came upon what appeared to be an underground entrance to the Manor. They silently readied their weapons as they slowly headed in to the hillside entrance.

As the party shuffled down the tunnel, Neurion, the first to enter the cavern, had a sudden surge of ki energy awaken in his veins sharpening his senses. "Hungry, please, need food" a voice called out to Neurion. "Please I beg you, food, hungry I mean you no harm,” the voice continued. Neurion quickly whispers in elvish to Nestor, "Did you hear that voice". "I did not my friend, be cautious" Nestor replied. Not even a few steps in to the cavern the party is approached by a one eyed creature, walking on two legs with dangly arms, sharp claws and drool dripping from its sharp toothed maw. Feeling danger surrounds this creature the party jumped in to action not wanting to be its’ next meal. With a flurry of movement and attacking prowess the party quickly dispatched the Nothic before it could do any serious harm.

Exploring the cavern further the adventurers discerned the layout of the cavern included multiple openings to areas in different directions as well as a small chasm crossed by two rickety bridges. Shank, being the curious rogue, asked to be lowered down in the chasm to search for anything of importance and quickly discovered an old worn chest. He carefully perused the lock and edges of the chest for any traps only to find it is easily opened and the contents were revealed. With a gleam in his eye gazed at the treasure within and began to think of the money he can get for these items and what he could do with it, before a tug on the rope attached to his waste bought him back to the present. Shaking off the fog of his roguish thoughts he asked the team to pull him up along with the treasure. Nestor quickly recognizes the Longsword Talon and tells the team of its history and apparent magical powers. Shank using his cunning tongue quickly persuades the team that his proficiency with this type of weapon can only help them moving forward.

The adventures headed towards a corridor in the southeast corner of the cavern, reaching a dead end only, to find it is a secret entrance in to a storeroom. Upon entering the storeroom they quickly look around noticing a large cistern full of water on the west wall, some supplies scattered around, a stair case on the east wall leading to a door, a door just north of the cistern, and a door in the northeastern corner of the room underneath the staircase. Before the team could react, the door near the cistern busted open, two Red Brands filing in to the room to quickly attack Nestor. Another Red Brand bursts forth from the door under the staircase quickly surprising the rest of the team. The adventurers quickly recovered from the surprise dispatching of the three bandits but not before Neurion took a swim in the cistern hoping it was shallow enough to help Nestor while he was being attacked.

The group quickly searched the rest of the storeroom finding some treasure but no evidence of Gundren or Iarno, Sildar's companion from the Lord's Alliance who was last seen investigating the Manor. Baelgor checked the door to the east noticing it was an exit back towards the back of the Manor that might come in handy for a quick escape later. The party headed through the northeast door only to find an open corridor heading back west. Nestor, having and uneasy feeling, searched around the room noticing some heavily warn areas along the stone floor close to the walls. Upon further investigation, he notices that the floor in the middle of the corridor is a pit trap that wouldn’t be able to sustain much pressure before it gave way. The group slowly worked their way along the wall before opening and heading through the double doors to the west.

Upon entering the next room they came upon three skeletons, clad in armor and weapons, sitting atop three sarcophagi. Not knowing if these creatures will animate an arrow was shot at one of the skeletons to see if it provoked a reaction. As the arrow thudded in to the creature, cracking bone and sending pieces of it flying, the party readied their weapons in anticipation . . . only for nothing to happen. After a quick exploration of the sarcophagi, finding three signet rings with no apparent powers, they decide to stuff the bodies back in their enclosures. As Baelgor moved to the north of the room to check out one of the two doors, the skeletal remains in Nestor’s arms burst to life quickly attacking him while the other two skeletons attacked Neurion and Shank. Two Red Brands, hearing the commotion, entered the room quickly from a door in the northeast corner focusing in on Baelgor. 

With a flurry of kicks and attacks with his staff, Neurion dispatched one of the skeletons while Nestor and Shank help take down the other two. The three watched as Baelgor, roaring out, seemed to swing his Great Sword with greater power and skill than they had yet to see before. Slicing through one of the Red Brands, Baelgor pushed himself beyond his normal limits, surging forward to help send the other Red Brand to his grave.

The team cautiously entered through the open door the Red Brands had came through. Inside they found a jail with two females behind a cage to the south and a young boy inside a cage to the north. They learn that the eldest woman, Miran, is the widow of Dale Dengar, the man that had been killed by the Red Brands for trying to fight them. The two children, Nars and Nellsa, and Miran had been imprisoned after they had seen Dale fall to the evil bandits. After fumbling with the cell doors the group was able to finally free the three hostages, Baelgor took them to the escape route they had found earlier in the storeroom and asking them to seek out Sildar and let him know what had transpired. Before leaving the manor, Miran thanked him and shared a story with them regarding a valuable and magical family heirloom he could find and have in appreciation for saving her and her children.

“50 miles north of Phandalin is my birthplace of Thundertree. Many years ago it was overrun by undead and I have not heard about the town sense. My family ran an herb and alchemy shop that was frequented by many adventurers. Without notice the town was quickly attacked by the undead and we were unable to retrieve a family heirloom, an emerald necklace that had been cautiously guarded and hidden. If you brave the danger that awaits you in Thundertree and are able to reach my families shop, you can find the necklace in a hidden section underneath some storage shelves. It is yours to take and use as you wish, I only ask of any news you can share.” Miran thanked Baelgor again and set off quickly and quietly towards town.

Finding nothing further in the jail they explored the other doorway in the crypt they had left finding a store room filled with weapons and Red Bandit Outfits. Neurion, having lost his prized staff to the Red Brands at the sleeping giant, feverishly searched the room before finding it lying against the wall in a pile of spears. Picking it up he bowed his head apology to his master swearing to never lose it again before he lost his own life. The party quickly dawned the Red Band outfits in hopes of disguising themselves and making it easier to surprise any other bandits they came across. Finding no other doorways or secret areas they headed back out to the cavern they had first entered the storeroom from.

Not having just entered the cavern, Nestor being behind his companion Neurion, was able to spot the likes of three Bugbears as one of them threw a spear towards Neurion, which missed and clanked off the cavern walls. “You killed my brother Klarg, I kill you know,” growled one of the Bugbears. The party knowing how formidable Klarg had been quickly set in to action while devising a way to gain any advantage they could. Shank, feeling unusually nimble and reading the movements of his opponents quicker than he had been able to before, used his extra skills to fire off arrows at his opponents working to surprise them while they were engaged in combat with the others while still being able to move around the cavern before the Bugbears could retaliate. Neurion having found his staff and with a new sense of purpose, set in to action quickly attacking the enemies with swings of his staff, flying kicks and bone crushing punches. Using his ki energy he was able to release a flurry of blows to his opponents while also moving swiftly as if he was gliding along with the wind. Baelgor, using his skilled blade, was quick to attack the Bugbears suffering large amounts of damage while Nestor worked to help distract and strike at the creatures when and where he could. 

After yet another long battle, the foes were finally taken down. Bloodied and beaten the party returned to the crypt, barricading doors and setting watch in hopes of recovering some energy while they rested and prayed to their gods. Fatigued from their many recent battles and having no knowledge of the number of Red Brands that remained, the party hunkered down in an effort to rest . . . only to be quickly awakened by Nestor yelling that they were under attack.

Two bandits quickly entered from the north of the crypt where Baelgor met them with resistance while Neurion and Nestor quickly prepare for the two bandits coming their way, skirting the edge of the pit trap. Shank readied his bow to assist where he was needed. The clang of blades striking, the thud of Neurions staff and fist and the twang of a bow quickly begin to echo throughout the room. 

Baelgor strikes at a bandit as he enters the room from the north, stabbing him in the stomach. Shank focusing on the wounded bandits chest lets lose an arrow that pierces the Red Brand through its heart throwing it up against the northern wall.

To the southeast, Nestor calls out to Apollo to give his companions strength and protection as he falls to the blade of one of the bandits. Apollo calls out to him, “Awaken”, Nestor hears him and tries to swim out of the foggy ether between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Neurion springs in to with concentrated focus bashing the bandit that struck down Nestor with fists and staff sending the bandit in to oblivion.

Apollo calls out to Nestor again, “Awaken and help your friends in battle” but Nestor hears nothing. Neurion focusing his rage from seeing his friend fall, badly injures the ruffian in front of him. Baelgor slashes with his mighty sword dealing crushing blows to another enemy coming through the door to the north but ultimately falls to his enemy’s relentless attacks. Baelgor slides to the stone floor, blood coursing through his body fighting the will to die. 

Shank, lets loose an arrow striking the bandit near Neurion in the face knocking the bandit to the floor dead but then he is attacked from behind by the bandit that took down Baelgor. The bandit slides his blade in to Shanks back cackling as he sees Shank fall to the floor. Shank sees an ancestor of his telling him it’s not his time. Nestor, continuing to fight his way through the fog does not hear Apollo calling to him once again.

Neurion with deathly skill lashes out at the last bandit pummeling him in the face as the bandits neck snaps back with a loud crack as his spine is severed and he slumps to the floor dead. Baelgor clings to life fighting with all of his might to resist the grasp of death. Shank tries running to his ancestor only to be turned back with a wave of his ancestor’s hand. Nestor hears Apollo’s voice again, telling him that great things await him before quickly being drawn out of the vapor gasping as he feels the remains of a liquid running down his gullet, Neurion standing above him smiling and yelling at him to help revive Baelgor and Shank.

Baelgor slowly opens his eyes exhausted from his fight with death while Nestor calls to holds his amulet calling for Apollo to help him spare the life of Shank. Shank awakens to see Nestor smiling and then looks around for his ancestor in confusion. 

The party quickly patches themselves up as they try to figure out what to do next . . .

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