Wednesday, September 2, 2015

6 Random Dungeon Rooms III

1. You enter a large chamber that appears to be a trophy room. A dozen platforms house wire framed mannequins. Each mannequin is sporting an ornate armor of different sorts. Each armor is well polished and hasn't been affected by the pasting of time. However, half the suits of armor are cursed. Donned armor that is cursed cannot be removed unless a remove curse spell is cast on the recipient.

                                                d4 Random Armors              
                                                1. Scale Mail                          
                                                2. Chain Mail                         
                                                3. Plate Mail                           
                                                4. Banded Mail                       

                                                 d4 Curses
1. Brittle: The armor shatters if a natural 20 is rolled against it. Scraps of metal embed into the wearers skin as the suit shatters. For each +1 to armor class the suit grants roll 1d4 points of damage. 
2. Missile Attraction: Each missile fired within 60' of the wearer is redirected towards him. Arrows and bolts seem to find the least protected areas of the wearer. Resolve rolls as if the wearer has no armor. 
3. Lethargic: The armor is rigid and stiff. Your movement is reduced to one quarter and you attack once every other round. 
4. Beacon: All random monster encounters are doubled while the armor is worn. 

2. The floor of this room is made of ice. Its extremely difficult to move across. Any movement requires a Dexterity attribute check or fall prone. In the center of this sheet of ice you notice a figure buried 10' deep. It appears as a skeletal warrior dressed in ancient armor. If you pass over the spot where the warrior is buried you hear a voice in your head. It pleads for you to free him. You must save vs spell to resist the urge to excavate the icy floor. The skeletal warrior is actually a Death Knight trapped for centuries by the forces of good.

3. This room has two dozen wax statues. Half of them depict what appears to be adventurers. The other half are unsculptured statues that vaguely resembles a humanoid form. As your move around the room the unsculptured wax statues begin to animate and attack. Once a statue has killed someone its features are sculpted into their resemblance and it becomes an inanimate object.

4. A lone statue in this room resembles a maiden. Her eyes slowly drip a watery substance that is sweet to the tongue. The liquid detects as magical and if a bowl/vial is placed underneath it will fill it in about 24 hours. The liquid functions as a magical potion. The potion that is created during those 24 hours is random.
                                                    d6 Potions
                                                    1. Delusion
                                                    2. Healing
                                                    3. Heroism
                                                    4. Extra-Healing
                                                    5. Clairaudience
                                                    6. Clairvoyance

5. In this room you find four dead bodies. Upon closer inspection of the decaying bodies you notice purple colored maggots feeding on the corpses. These maggots feed on residual psychic memories from the dead. If a maggot is eaten the consumer will receive a random piece of information about the corpses life. The more maggots consumed the more insight you gain.

6. The ceiling of this room has large rusty metal nozzles that drip a soapy substance on the floor below. The floor is extremely slippery and movement is reduced by half as you must tread carefully. As movement is detected below the nozzles release human sized bubbles. Any bubble that touches a target envelopes them and they begin to suffocate. The bubbles have an AC10 and 1 HP. If someone is enveloped inside a bubble when attacked they suffer the same damage.

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50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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