Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hive Mind of Giant Killer Bees

I was recently thinking about Giant Killer Bees and the thought of a hive mind special ability seemed to fit thematically. I remember running across the hive mind traits in D&D 3.X and like the concept of a collaborative intelligence. The concept of the shared consciousness is intriguing. So I took a look at the Giant Killer Bee in Labyrinth Lord and decided to create a hive mind trait.

The hive mind trait would allow the queen and workers to collaborate together. The queen would mentally give commands that would augment the battlefield. The worker bees would enter combat in a synergistic fashion.

Giant Killer Bees in Labyrinth Lord are low level foes with the ability to kill you in round. They are extremely deadly. Below are your basic stat for a Giant Killer Bee and the Queen.

Giant Killer Bee [AL: N, MV 150'(30'), AC 7 HD: 1d4 hps, #AT: 1 (sting), DG 1d3 (poison), SV F1]

-Killer Bees attack with their stinger. Once the stinger hits it breaks offs. The victim must save vs. poison or die. If the save is successful the stinger must still be removed or the victim takes 1 point of damage each round. The victim must spend one round to remove the stinger. The bee after losing its stinger dies one round later.

-The Queen is a 2HD creature and does not lose her stinger when she attacks.

Hive Mind
The Hive Mind traits allows Killer Bees to issue commands that augments other bees in the colony. One bee is needed to issue the command for that round. Once issued all other bees are affected. The bee that prompts the command cannot perform an action for the round. Only one command can be in effect if initiated by a standard killer bee. The colony of bees have multiple command options that they can issue. The queen can issue two commands each round and has a couple of additional commands only she can use.

Any command with (Q) can only be issued by the queen. All command work within a 60' radius.

-Coordinated Attack: All bees that are adjacent to each other gain a +1 to attack rolls.

-Mend: (Q) The Queen can have all bees converge on her to mend her wounds. Each bees heals 1 hit point to the Queen.

-Indomitable: Any bee under a charm or mind influence ability can make a save to break free.

-Agonizing: All stinger attacks that don't kill their opponent is more potent. Instead of doing 1 damage a round it does 2 instead.

-Restrain: To preserve their numbers all bee stinger attacks for the round don't break off. The poison has a reduced potency and only does 1d4 points of damage instead of death.

-Transfer(Q): The queen can transfer any damage dealt to her to any adjacent bee.

-Pheromone Discharge: Each bees releases a pheromones in a 5' radius. Opponent within that radius must save or be nauseated. You lose your attack for 1 round.

-Hatch(Q): All unhatched eggs hatch this round. The following round newly born bees attack. Due to their premature birth they die at the end of that round.

-Swarm: All bees attack one target.

-Tenacity: The colonies willpower is increased. Morale is 12 instead of 9.

-Embed: All successful stinger attacks this round require 2 rounds to remove.

-Potent Poison: All stinger attacks this round save at a -1.

-Concentrated Pheromone(Q): A concentrated pheromone targets one person. The targeted individual must make a save vs poison. Failure requires them to move as quickly as possible to the queen.

New Items

Bee Antitoxin: If you drink this vial of antitoxin you are immune to bee poison for 1 turn.

Swarm Repellent: This scented oil once rub on your body repels insect swarms. Against the giant variety they must make a save vs. poison to enter combat against you. The repellents duration is 6 turns.

Helm of the Hive Mind: This helm is created from a preserved beehive husk. It can be used by Rangers and Druids. The helm has the ability to control the hive mind of Giant Killer Bees.

  • All Killer Bees won't attack wearer
  • You can command all Killer Bees and Queen in a 60' radius
  • You can issue two commands per round as the Queen.

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