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6 Random Dungeon Rooms IV

1. You enter a large cavernous room. In the center of the room you find a recently slain saber-tooth tiger. As you glance around the room you notice dozens of cave paintings. Each one depicts wild animals hunting or vermin scuttering. Interacting with any of the cave paintings has a 50% chance of the painting fading away and that animal appearing in the center of the room ready to attack.

                                                         d6 Random Cave Paintings
                                                         1. Giant Spider
                                                         2. Boar
                                                         3. Black Bear
                                                         4. Wolf
                                                         5. Giant Scorpion
                                                         6. Mountain Lion

2. In the center of this cave is a large black obelisk with dozens of pieces of metal clinging to it. The obelisk is the center of a strong magnetic field. As one approaches the obelisk they feel the magnetic pull growing stronger. First unattended objects are slung towards the obelisk, then weapons are torn from your grasp, and finally large pieces of metal like armor are pulled towards the obelisk.

  • Within 50' of the Obelisk small metal objects like coins, necklaces, buckles, etc are flung towards the Obelisk. Unattended object receive no save. If an object is attended then the user can make a strength attribute check to retain possession each round.
  • Within 25' of the Obelisk all metal objects weighing under 10lbs are pulled towards the structure. A strength attribute check at -2 is needed to retain possession each round.
  • Within 10' the pull becomes the strongest. Any metal object under 50lbs is pulled towards it. All strength attribute checks to maintain possession is done at a -6. Adventurers wearing metal armor might be flung onto the obelisk while still in their armor. 
  • Removing an object or yourself from the Obelisk requires a strength roll at -8.

3. This room appears to have been an infirmary. Rotted beds, stands, and medical tools lies in disrepair. There are eighteen beds with nine to each side of the room. Fours of the beds still have moldering linens. As you examine the bedding you notice they appear to cover up a humanoid body with a bloated stomach. Once one of the linens has been removed from the body you discover a dead human female who was pregnant. Immediately the stomach burst open and an undead stillborn fetus lunges out. Once one fetus has been disturb the remaining three burst forward. Treat these fetus as ghouls with 1/2 the HD.

4. In this dungeon room is a sarcophagus and a summoning circle. Anyone who breaks the plane of the circle must save vs spell. Failure has the victim swap places with the Mummy that is inside the sarcophagus. The Mummy immediately attacks and all damage dealt to it is transferred to the victim inside the sarcophagus until that person is dead or escapes. The sarcophagus is sealed tight; a remove trap or open door check at -2 is required to pry it open.

5. At the end of this corridor is a circular vault door. The door is crafted to appear as a demons face. As you investigate the door you find a dial lock with the infernal alphabet instead of numbers. To gain entrance beyond this door one must spell out the name of a specific demon lord associated with this dungeon.

6. You enter a subterranean garden. This roughly circular cavernous room is easily a couple hundred feet in diameter. A unique fungus growth lines the ceiling walls emitting a dim light that is able to sustain surface flora. This area of the dungeon has recently been taken over by a cave druid who has been collecting exotic species of the plants and animals. He has built a large greenhouse in the center of this garden, there he keeps his most prized possessions. Unfortunately, some flora and fauna that exist in the garden is aggressive and have been known to kill unaware trespassers .
     d6 Random Garden Encounters

  1. Swarm of Flies
  2. Strangle Weed
  3. Shambling Mound
  4. 20' Patch of Yellow Mold
  5. Nest of 3d12 Stirges
  6. Man-Eating Fiendish Ape stalks the group.

I have a pdf compilation of the Random Dungeon Room series on rpgnow. Link provided below
50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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