Tuesday, October 6, 2015

12 Strange Occurrences

12 Strange Occurrences 

1. As your delving into the dungeon you enter a room. The room is a newly decorated infants room.

2. As your walking down the wilderness path your feet start to hurt. As you explore the area you notice your previous footprints have nails hammered in them.

3. The local lake water has turned black. Thousands of dead fish float on the surface. Hundreds of dead fish litter the shore.

4. You meet a man who believes he has already died and the world around him is Hell.

5. A woman claims her husband and family are imposters. They were replaced by Dopplegangers and she fears for her life.

6. A man came to town claiming he is the Holy Shepherd. The apocalypse draws near and he is to lead the town to a sacred site beyond the mountains. His charisma has enticed the local population.

7. You come across a village where the entire population is north of 50 years old. They claim they have been sterile for quite awhile.

8. Every time you pass a child they stare at you intently. If questioned they don't know why.

9. A recent newborn came out of the womb with adult intelligence and speaks three languages fluently.

10. In the local forest a blue orb floats in the middle of a secluded glade. All those who look upon it become fascinated. They stay there for days mesmerized by its sight. Some have even died from dehydration for staring too long.

11. In the cellars of a local town resident a brick wall recently crumbled. Behind the brick wall is a red door. No one know how or why it is there but all attempts to open it have failed.

12. While camping you hear the sounds of crickets. As you listen closely it sounds as if they are staying your name.

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