Tuesday, October 13, 2015

50 Random Mundane Items VI

50 Random Mundane Items VI

From useless junk to items of immense value. Mundane objects to replace your typical treasure find of simple coins and gems.

1. Polished Ram Horn
2. Ornately Carved Hat Stand
3. Brass Tea Kettle
4. Torn Sun Hat
5. Steel Flagon with a Floral Design
6. Wicker Elephant Barding
7. White Aba trimmed with Gold
8. Hairpin Dart
9. Fake Emerald Brooch
10. Vial of Arsenic
11. Knuckle-Bone Bracelet
12. Velvet-Lined Jade Box
13. Cask of Rum
14. Gold Totem Mask
15. Red Coral Necklace
16. Folding Paper Fan
17. Miniature Silver Gong
18. Bronze Chain Belt
19. Cotton Kimono with Spider Embroidery
20. Strip of Parchment with a Fable written on it.
21. Tapestry of a Renowned Saint
22. 25 Glass Beads
23. Letter of Credit to a General Store (100gp credit)
24. Thick Fur Corset
25. Silver Belt Bucket in the shape of a Goldfish
26. Bamboo Umbrella
27. Troll Skull Helm
28. Black Silk Pouch with Crushed Pearls
29. Cloak Pin made of Amber
30. Jade Statuette of a Tiger
31. Golden Disc studded with Tiny Diamonds
32. Sand-filled Lizardskin Sack
33. Multi-Colored Glass Heart
34. Bagpipe with Intricate Snake Figures
35. Platinum and Ebony Flute
36. Alligator Skin Valise
37. Jug of Sour Wine
38. Stone Bottle with Lavender Oil
39. Blank Papyrus Scroll
40. Ceramic Mask with Golden Circles
41. Bolt of Purple Silk
42. Coiled Aluminum Tubing
43. Broken Chastity Belt
44. Sheep Hide Pillow
45. Porcelain Chamber Pot
46. Bag of Dried Humanoid Tongues
47. Emerald Encrusted Holy Symbol
48. Tarnished Mithril Crown
49. Case of Needles and Syringes
50. Painting of a Sphinx smoking a Pipe

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