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6 Random Dungeon Rooms V

6 Random Dungeon Rooms V

1. You enter a 20x20 chamber with a nondescript stone throne in the center of the room. Anyone who sits on the throne has to make a dexterity attribute check as the throne collapses on itself. As the throne begins to crumble its pieces fly down a chute directly below it. The chute is 20' deep and ends in a 10x10 room filled with debris. Lurking in this pile of debris are two giant centipedes that immediately attack once their domain has been disturbed.

2. As you enter this cavern you notice thousands of purple mushrooms of various sizes. From tiny to the size of trees. You immediately spot humanoids wandering aimlessly in the mushroom field with no cloths on and not a care in the world. In the center of the cavern by a pond is a roughly put together shack.
     If you approach any of the humanoids they stare at you with a euphoric smiles and mumble about finding their happy place. If you approach the wooden shack you meet an old man who offers you a hit of cultivated purple mushrooms. He promises they will take all your fears away. The purple mushroom has euphoric properties and potential for addiction. Anyone who takes a hit of the mushroom receive a 1d4 bonus to all attack, damage, saving throw rolls. The also take a 1d4 penalty to intelligence and wisdom. The effect last 1d4 hours.
     At the end of the duration you must make a constitution check or become addicted. Once addicted you require another hit and this time the old man is charging a price. Each subsequent addiction check is at cumulative -2. When the negative equals your constitution score you are hopelessly addicted and wander the mushroom fields as a thrall to the old man.
     The old man has the ability to control the purples mushrooms and animate them to protect his domain.

3. A stone pillar sits in the middle of this room. It is covered in hundreds of glyphs. Once touched you must save vs spell or all the glyphs slither off the pillar onto your body. Your body is covered in hundreds of tattoo like glyphs and you shine with a dim blue light. You have become the Keeper of the Dungeon. You know the location of all doors, secrets door, and levels. You can bypass any obstacles with a mere touch. However you are cursed to remain in the dungeon for eternity or until you find a willing subject to accept the mantle of the Keeper.

4. This cavernous room is filled with hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites made of brittle crystal. The slightest sound causes them to burst into hundreds of shards. Amongst the crystal formations are a couple of bodies of dwarven miners. They have been dead for days and their bodies are littered with crystals that punctured their mortal frames. If any sound is made that is slightly higher then a whisper the nearest formation shatters into hundreds of shards that deal 2d4 damage and has a 75% chance of causing another formation to shatter in a chain reaction. Utmost precaution is needed to cross this cavernous room. Hiding in this field of crystals are 4 shadows that quietly wait for trespassers.

5. This room appears to be a barrack room of some sort. Dozens of pristine beds reside in this room. Their bedding in perfect condition and undisturbed. Sleeping in one of the bed has the potential for disaster. The sheets are poisoned and anyone touching them requires a save vs poison. Upon failure they collapse onto the bed in a deep slumber. They regain no hit points for their forced rest and lose 1 hit point per hour sleeping. After 24 hours another save is permitted to break the slumber. A remove poison is needed to rouse the sleeping.

6. This cavernous room is freezing and the floor is coated with frost. This room has wicked winds that howl and batter any exposed flesh. A river of slush cuts through the center of the room. Any exposed flesh takes 1 point of damage each round in this room. Any ranged missile attack has 50% chance of failing due to the brutal winds. Spells such as obscuring mist and stinking cloud are uncontrollable and quickly move in random directions.
     After a round or so upon entering the cavern you hear a plea for help coming from the river. Upon approach you find a band of rival adventurers tied up and close to death. A gang of 6 dretches hover around them preparing for dinner. Once combat is initiated they release their stinking clouds in frantic display of chaos.

     Random Dungeon Rooms is a continuation of a series of modular dungeon rooms that can easily be placed while you are designing your fun house of death. Links follow below with the prior 4 entries in the series. The goal is to post one entry a month and upon getting 100 rooms I will compile them into a pdf and print on demand book. If you enjoy my blog please consider subscribing.

I have a pdf compilation of the Random Dungeon Room series on rpgnow. Link provided below
50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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