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Session 9: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 9 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 4th Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 4th Level Mountain Dwarf Cleric
Neurion: 4th Level Wood Elf Monk
Daeris: 4th level High Elf Wizard

Recap written by Chris

Session 9 - The Magic of Wave Echo Cave

The party gathered their belongings in the morning having had a tense but uneventful night. As Neurion and Baelgor removed the barricade from the door, Nestor whispered some words to Salune while grasping his warhammer, a warm light suddenly growing from the weapon. The four slowly entered the corridor once again seeing the star speckled cave ceiling. Seeing nothing of concern they quickly moved north to the next building checking it for any sounds beyond and hearing nothing. Pushing the door open Neurion entered the room hearing a voice in his head say "Hello", straight ahead of him a creature with greenish spiked skin, one large eye centered above a sharp toothed maw and 4 tentacles each with a blinking eye hovered above a pedestal containing a magical green flame. "You are not my master" the creature screeched telepathically causing Neurion to prepare his staff and get ready to strike.

The creatures eyes narrowed as it menacingly approached Neurion. Neurion quickly set forth slapping one of the eye stalks away and punching towards its eye. The creature angered by the strikes against him quickly shot rays of energy streaming towards Neurion striking his exposed flesh and removing some of it. Baelgor moved along side his friend slicing at one of the eye stalks, gashing it with his blade and causing the stalk to retract as if in pain. Nestor following, behind Baelgor, swung his warhammer at one of the other stalks seeing the damage it had done to Neurion but missed. Daeris standing off to the side let loose a string of webbing from her hands entrapping the beast's body. Neurion seeing the creatures eye stalks focus on him once again bashed the creature with his staff causing it to shudder slightly before the flesh eating rays struck out at him again hitting hard and removing even more flesh now exposing muscle and tendon. Baelgor aghast at what he was seeing happen to his friend sliced off one of the stalks, another one narrowly avoiding his deft blade. Neurion suddenly felt his flesh mending all the while watching as Nestor's warhammer crashed hard in to the creatures middle eye, blood bursting forth splattering everyone but Daeris. The creature lay lifeless in the webbing Daeris had trapped it in.

Daeris thinking back to the many legends she had heard of the cave and the many wizards that had visited here retold the story of the green flame and its ability to make magic items of great renown. Sensing the magic had long been abused by many of creatures she recommended everyone place their weapons and armor within the flame to see if it might imbue their items with the last of its magic. Everyone quickly set forth to placing their weapons and armor within the green flame crackling and rising each time a new item was added. As the party searched throughout the room they came upon a mace with a head shaped like a sunburst and made of solid brass. Daeris once again recognized this as a weapon that was made for the god of dawn, Lathander and that when asked would produce forth a light as bright as a torch. He also had heard that it might have an extra effect against undead. The party also found a breast plate shaped in the form of a golden dragon. Daeris telling the party that this had been made for the human Tergon who battled many of dragon. It was said that the armor would protect the wearer against the breath of a dragon.

The sound of waves crashing forth inside the cave was a surprise to all of them as they approached a large lake that appeared to move northeast in to a dark area hidden beyond. Not wanting to risk losing anyone to the unknown water and constant tidal waves the party headed south west in to a narrow corridor. As they approached an opening in the corridor they saw what appeared to be a water wheel connected to a large air bellow that seemed to be attached to an even larger blast furnace. Laughter suddenly filled the air around them as a human sized skull with green flames and devilish red eyes floated out from behind the furnace 10 ft above them. "Come forth my children" the skull called out, nine undead corpses animated and quickly moved to attack the adventurers. "Flameskull's, beware my friends these are old spellcasters capable of killing even the mightiest of foes", Daeris spoke softly to the party. Neurion wanting to gain any advantage possible headed back up the corridor waiting for the rest of the party and the creatures to follow. Daeris shooting forth webbing from her hand stopped the skulls movement while she retreated with Neurion. Suddenly a large fireball shot forth from the creatures mouth vaporizing four undead, flames licking at Baelgor's body and blasting Nestor straight in the chest sending waves of agonizing heat and pain through his body.

Daeris seeing the attack and knowing the cleric and fighter won't last long without her help began chanting calling forth a dust devil to attack and distract the flameskull if possible. A flaming sphere suddenly appeared by her hovering menacingly but doing nothing further. Baelgor, waiting for an opportunity to strike at the flameskull readied his blade. A zombie, unseen to Daeris, lashed out with its weapon striking her, Daeris retaliating with a stab from her sword followed by her casting another spell that seemed to give her skin an eery magical glow. Just has the glow surrounded her the flaming sphere shot forth fire, engulfing her body before a string of magic missles struck her flank dropping her to the ground in a sea of darkness. Baelgor wasting no time quickly dispatched of the zombie that had attacked Daeris. Nestor chanting louder and louder sent waves of healing energy forth from his body pulling Daeris from the darkness, lessening the burning pain Baelgor felt as well. Neurion staying guard prepared as he heard zombies approach from the southeast corridor they had come from. The zombies not noticing the monk in waiting felt the strikes of his might quarterstaff and kicks. Daeris shaking off the fog of death stood up glaring at the skeletal creature and sending out waves of green energy from her fingertips towards it. As it flew to the top of the cave ceiling, the flameskull cackled, "only a parlor trickster would cast such a spell against the dead", Daeris once again giving an evil stare that only the dead would not fear.

Fearing the skull would be their demise the party quickly retreated further back to the lakes edge where Neurion was entangled with 3 zombies. The group set forth dismantling the remaining creatures watching as the fiery orb burst forth towards Daeris again before it dissipated in to the then air. Having taken down all the zombies the group laid in waiting for the flameskull to appear only to hear its cackled laughter move off in to the distance. Not knowing if the creature was trying to sneak up on them the adventurers headed back down the southeast corridor towards the two buildings and looked for other ways through the cave. After exploring different dead ends and rooms with nothing of note the party found themselves at a door, hearing crunching sounds beyond they slowly opened and slipped in to the room. Before them a ghoul lay hunched over enjoying the remains of whatever it had caught earlier. Wasting no time Nestor and Baelgor quickly set upon the creature with Lightbringer and Baelgor's magical sword quickly destroying the creature before it knew what happened.

Neurion and Daeris waiting outside found themselves quickly entangled with two more of the fiendish creatures. Neurion quickly set forth with a flurry of blows to the creatures only to have his skin gashed by one of its claws feeling his body seize up. Daeris quickly let loose bolts of fire from her hands as she chanted in her elvish tongue, Nestor and Baelgor quickly entering the fray to help take down the creatures. Neurion able to finally move entered the room where the remains of the ghoul Nestor and Baelgor had slain. Searching around they found nothing of value but still more corridors and doors to explore. Coming around one of the many twists and turns Neurion watched as a large yellowish ooze dropped from the ceiling and slowly moved its way towards him. Baelgor standing not far behind him watch his friend quickly retreat back past him sensing something else was amiss and happening to look up watch as a yellow jelly like creature slipped through cracks in the ceiling falling in a pile of goo right before him.

Neurion finally recognizing the creature from his previous adventurers told Baelgor to be careful with his blade as it would only cause these things to split in two. Baelgor swinging his blade straight down through the creature heard these words only a little to late. The adventurers weary and worn from their struggles thus far bashed and hacked their way through the ochre jelly's bodies. Daeris, rays of frost coming from her hands, helped to freeze pieces of the creatures in hopes of keeping them from multiplying. With all of the jellies finally defeated the party scavenged around for anything of value finding a sack in one of the collapsed corridors containing a plethora of items.

Having been battered and worn from their battles the party headed back to and old beer storage room to rest and try and regain some strength to help them in finding the ever elusive "Black Spider" . . .

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