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Session 10: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Recap of Session 10 of Lost Mine of Phandelver for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
This session is the finale of the campaign. After 3 months of play we complete Lost Mine of Phandelver.

We have in our group four players. The cast so far:

Baelgor: 4th Level Human Fighter
Nestor: 4th Level Mountain Dwarf Cleric
Neurion: 4th Level Wood Elf Monk
Daeris: 4th level High Elf Wizard

Recap written by Chris

Session 10 – The Black Spider

Battered, bloody and exhausted from the long hours of exploring Wave Echo Cave the weary adventurers knew not what else lay before them.Having hardly found signs of the elusive Black Spider they wondered if he or she even existed.After barricading themselves and setting watch they settled down to recoup as much strength as possible before what they hoped would be their final push through the cave.Although they all rested with unease they did so without incident.Gathering their belongings they opened the door to old cellar cautiously.As they filed out of the room Nestor called forth the light in Lightbringer lightly showering the corridors before them with a soft glow chasing the shadows back.

Heading back to where they had come across the jelly creatures they continued to move north.They entered a small cavern containing a pool of murky water that appeared to drain out through an opening to the northeast.The four of them not knowing what foul creatures might be laying below the surface of the water clung close to the cavern walls heading for an opening to the east.As they approached the eastern opening they noticed a door further to the east, a collapsed corridor to the south and a web entangle corridor to the north.

Checking the door to the east they noticed that it must be obstructed by something on the other side.Deciding to head North, Daeris called forth fire from her hands burning through the webs with ease allowing them to head north to a split.To the west they came across more webs and to the east a set of stairs leading down in to another cavern.Entering the cavern a spear flashed past Neurion barely missing his head.Three bugbears rushed the group, a male drow on the other side of a small stream barking orders to them in their animalish tongue.

Stepping back in to the corridor Neurion and Baelgor waited for the creatures to approach knowing they would have a better chance in the small confines of the corridor.Another spear flew past them in to the corridor beyond entangling itself in the webs beyond.Nestor called to Selune asking her to give his companions increased vitality.A bugbear suddenly appeared around the corner Neurion taking a wild swing and missing.The party set forth attacking and dodging the bugbear’s attacks as if they had rehearsed their maneuvers with each other thousands of times.A spray of acid, slash of a sword, the crushing blows of mace and staff all landing blow upon blow to the bugbears.

While the adventurers were focused on the bugbears they didn’t notice the drow sneaking behind them until they heard a bang at the door from the corridor to the south.Daeris with quick reaction filled the corridor with webs again blocking the forward progression of owlbears now entering the corridor and trying to flank them.Nestor, Neurion and Baelgor dispatched of the three bugbears hearing Daeris worn them that more had appeared behind them but were currently trapped.Going in to the cavern before them, Neurion, Nestor and Baelgor watched as the drow and bugbear appeared on a ledge to the east before dropping down in to a cavern below.Daeris, keeping watch on the southern corridor, called out to her friends as one of the bugbears broke through.Pointing at the closest bugbear she watched as it fell to the floor asleep, its companions trying to work their way through the webs.

Nestor, Neurion and Baelgor retreated back to the corridor as the drow and bugbear reappeared from the east.Trading blows with the companions, the drow suddenly transformed in to a doppelganger.The three adventurers suddenly had a flash back to their time in Cragmaw Castle with the other doppelganger and how that had almost taken Nestor for good.As if reliving that nightmare Nestor suddenly fell to the touch of the doppelganger and blade of the bugbear.Daeris wasting no time came to Nestor’s aid with a healing potion, quickly pouring it down his gullet.The fog of battle quickly encapsulated the heroes.Before they knew it bodies lay strewn around them, Nestor standing over the body of the doppelganger, Lightbringer in hand dripping with the creatures blood.

They quickly searched the area for any sign of the Black Spider finding some artifacts, potions and coins along the way.A blood-curdling scream suddenly came down the web filled corridor they had not explored to the west.As they approached the webs burst in to flame singing any exposed flesh.They rushed quickly down the corridor to a set of doors kicking them open.Before them a dwarf caught in webbing writhed in pain, a drow laugh echoing through the room.Three large spiders crawled out from behind large pillars lining the room.A hooded figure suddenly appeared before a dwarven statue, a shrine to an old hero or god.“It seems I must deal with you myself.A shame it must end this way.Go forth my children,” the drow called out fading in to nothing once again.

The three large spiders advanced on the group shooting webs towards the doors ensnaring Baelgor and Neurion.The Black Spider appeared again shooting forth magic missles from his hands striking Baelgor and Neurion.Neurion using his strength and maneuverability broke forth from the webs side stepping the large spiders, heading straight for the drow.The three spiders set forth attacking Nestor, Daeris and Baelgor striking with large dripping pincers.Just as Neurion reached the Black Spider, the drow disappeared once again, laughing at Neurion as he swung his staff at the air around him.Baelgor finally breaking free of his webbed bonds began hacking away at one of the large spiders; Nestor and Daeris joining him in the attack.

The party watch as the drow materialized on the other side of the room laughing and shooting forth magic missles from his hands, striking who could only be Gundren’s brother, causing his lifeless body to stop moving in the webs holding him.Baelgor, Nestor and Daeris knowing that nothing could be done for Nundro at this point, lashed out in rage at the large spiders taking them down one by one.The drow disappeared once again as Neurion approached.

A fireball suddenly burst forth filling the room with heat and smoke striking down Neurion, Nestor and Baelgor.Daeris having the gods behind her quickly ran to their aid, each of them helping one another back from the grasp of death.Quickly they encircled the drow as he continued to spew forth his arcane magic.Neurion striking out with his staff and sweeping his legs brought the Black Spider to the ground.Preparing to strike the drow down once and for all he suddenly felt something trying to intrude on his thoughts.Using his many years of training he shook the intrusion off from the drow mage before slamming his staff down on the Black Spider crushing his chest and sending him back to the evil god he served.

The party returned to Phandalin bringing Gundren’s brothes’ bodies with them.They filled Gundren in on the events that had transpired, as he looked saddened at his brothers broken bodies.Thanking them for their service and for bringing his brothers back to him to be buried as they should, Gundren told them of his plans to continue his brothers endeavors to get the mine back up and running and that they would entitled to 10% of the profit the mine returned.The party headed to the Stonehill Inn for a much needed and deserved rest only to find Shank still sitting at the bar as if he had been there the whole time they were gone.Smiling and laughing, the adventures sat down for food and drink trying not to think about the next adventure that might come calling . . .

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