Saturday, July 25, 2015

6 Random Adventure Sites II

1. Portly Inn: A roadside Inn where the staff fattens up the guest. All food is free and in abundance. The food is also laced with a weird narcotic that makes the food so enjoyable they don't want to leave the Inn. After weeks of a food binge and dozens of pounds later the staff kidnaps the guest. They are dragged to the cellar where an insanely obese undead creature devours his plump meals.

2. Exotic Market: In a hill nearby there is a tunnel that leads into the Underdark. About 2 miles underground you reach a small enclave of underdark races. The enclave is a market for exotic mounts and slaves. Cages and Pens line the cavern walls. The market is a neutral meeting ground between merchants from above and below. Dark Stalkers and Dark Slayers oversee the operation.

3. Monkey Forest: Recently an inept collector of exotic animals released mutated monkeys into the nearby wilderness. This mischievous monkey population has exploded and the forest is saturated with them. All travelers through the forest are harassed by these monkeys. They don't attack but steal. They rob anything that isn't bolted down. Entire camp sites are overrun with these monkeys as they pilfer everything. Tales of naked merchants emerging from the forest are common.

4. Transdimensional Inn: A Gnome Tinkerer acquired a unique inn many moons ago. This Inn has a cellar filled with mechanical pulleys and odd gears. Over the years this Gnome has figured out how to operate this device with some accuracy. If provided with the right fuel source the Inn will teleport to various locations, planes, dimensions, etc. The Gnome has recently started calling himself captain and has recruited a band of adventurers to explore the hidden gateways between realities.

5. Hollow Tower: Located in a remote mountain range stands a twelve story tower. The floors have been demolished and an immense golem is being created. An ancient lich has been sending vile mercenaries across the globe to apprehend elemental spirits. These spirits will be used as the life force of this tremendous golem. Once fully activated the tower will crumble into a million pieces as this monstrosity roams the landscape seeking only destruction.

6. Esoteric Smoke Shop: This smoke shop is located in the slums of the largest city on the continent. Hidden in a back alley in a downtrodden slum is this marvelous smoke shop. The place is filled with ornate and archaic hookahs that use a rather strange form of tobacco. This tobacco helps the poor experience life away from earth. A single puff of this tobacco has the effect of astral projection. The user finds himself on the Astral Plane to experience a new existence. Escaping from reality has a price and those who smoke too much quickly become addicted.

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