Sunday, July 12, 2015

Corrosive Blade

Corrosive Blade

The Corrosive Blade is a curse short sword +1, +2 vs metal. The blade is severely rusted and corroded. If found among a treasure hoard most parties would discard this sword as mere junk. 

-The Corrosive Blade has additional properties vs metal. Every time the blade hits a metal creature or metal clad opponent it takes an extra 1d6 points of damage.

-Any time the Corrosive Blade hits metal armor or a creature made of metal it permanently erodes 1 point of armor class. Each hit is cumulative and when the armor offers no armor class value it is destroyed. Any metal creature that has its armor class reduced to 10 will be destroyed regardless of hit points. 

-The Corrosive Blade slowly begins to destroy the user. Each day that passes the wielder becomes sick and frail. Its skin takes on a rusty metallic hue. Once a day the user must save or take 1d6 hit point damage that is permanent. Once reduce to zero hit points the wielder appears as a piles of rusty ash with no chance of revival except through a Wish spell. A Remove Curse can used to break the bond between the user and the blade

- In addition to the hit point loss all metal objects on the wielder begin to degrade. Any metal weapons corrode and turn to ash within one day. Metal armors lose half its value in one day and on the second day crumbles to dust.

artwork by Joanna Ballendorf
owned by Steven Marella

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