Monday, July 13, 2015

50 Random Mundane Items III

 50 Random Mundane Items III

50 more mundane items to spice up your treasure hoards. From worthless junk to objects of value.

Links to Table I & II

50 Random Mundane Items I
50 Random Mundane Items II

1. Purple Crystal with a Wooden Soldier Inside
2. Grimoire of Divine Words
3. Parasol with floral designs
4. Rusty Scalpel
5. Sharp Bonesaw
6. Flask of Strawberry Flavored Liquor
7. Ornate Pipe
8. Set of Clay Pots
9. Shirt Soaked in Alcohol
10. Hollow Silver Ball
11. Sack with a Severed Head
12. Jar with Preserved Eyeballs
13. Tombstone (Has Birth date, but no date of death)
14. Ornate Copper Key
15. Wooden Training Sword
16. Miniature Orrery with gems as planets
17. Mammoth Tusk
18. Box of Pickled Beef
19. White Pearl Earrings
20. Wooden Toy Rattle
21. Silver Heart Shaped Pendant
22. Bone Hair Clasp
23. Container of Raw Honey
24. Gold Horseshoe
25. Bamboo Tube
26. Canopic Jar with an Eagle Head
27. Reed Basket with Rotten Fruit
28. Spool of Silver Wire
29. Box inlaid with Cold Iron
30. Cracked Vase
31. Backpack filled with Charcoal
32. Silk Corset
33. Greatclub with Jade Spikes
34. Glass Decanter with Stagnant Water
35. Oak Chalice with Scorched Marks
36. Ivory Prayer Beads
37. Bag of Empty Clam Shells
38. Lead Figure with Two Bear Heads
39. Rusty Caliper
40. Silk Gown
41. Marble Bust of a Gold Dragon
42. Ettercap Skull with Emeralds in its Eye Sockets.
43. Golden Leaf
44. Shard of Slate
45. Bronze Plaque
46. Stone Disk with Engraved Dwarven Runes
47. Serpentine Stein
48. Golden Flute
49. Crimson Colored Steel Hand
50. Obsidian Statuette of a Chimera

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