Wednesday, July 29, 2015

6 Random Dungeon Rooms II

1. You enter a large chamber that appears to be some sort of storage area. Old furniture is stack floor high and it is extremely cramped. As you navigate this room you find two doors to the east. These doors hold access to small rooms packed haphazardly with furniture. Anyone opening these doors will have the furniture spills out potentially injuring the PCs. There is also a chance that the furniture will cause a chain reaction in the main chamber and cause a massive avalanche of furniture.

2. You enter a room with a large banquet table filled with delicious food and enticing aromas. The aroma is so strong you must save or find yourself with the urge to devour as much food as possible. The food itself is an illusion of rotting meats, vegetables, and fruits. Eating this spoiled food requires another save to avoid succumbing to a vicious poison.
                                            D4 Poison Effects (All last 24 hours)
                                           1. -2 to all attack and damage rolls
                                           2. You roll 2d8 for all D20 Attack Rolls
                                           3. Horrible stomach cramps, your movement halved
                                           4. Vision is blurry. Blinded.

3. As you enter this hallway you notice chains hanging from the ceiling. At the end of these chest high chains are rusted hooks with severed medusa heads. There are dozens of them hanging in this long hallway. Getting too close to the medusa heads require a save each round. The petrification effect is greatly diminished due to their decaying state. Each round you are within 10ft of a head and not covering your eyes you must save or slowly turn into stone. On three failed saves you are completely petrified.
                                               Slow Petrification
                                           1st Fail: Legs Petrified.
                                           2nd Fail: Torso and Arms Petrified
                                           3rd Fail: Head Petrified

4. This room has a metal mesh floor. It is able to support your weight despite sinking slightly. Through the holes of the mesh floor you make out an endless pit with a cool breeze chilling the room. The metal mesh is made out of pure silver and highly conductive. As you pass halfway through the room you make out flying creatures below the mesh floor. Lightning Mephits are rapidly approaching. All electrical damage is disperse to anyone currently standing on the mesh.

5. This dungeon room walls are lined with a dozen window curtains. Peeling back the curtains reveals cold stone walls. Located throughout the dungeon are different colored glass panels. When attached to the area where the curtains are located the window form an image of distant area or location. The creator of the dungeon used this room to scry on potential enemies.

6. This room has a pedestal with opened leather book laying on it. The pages in the book are blank. The cover of the book is blank. Anyone touching the leather book has one random language erased from his memory and transcribed onto the pages of the book. The only way to reacquire your lost language is to have someone who understands and speaks that language to read the book to you. As each word is spoken you slowly regain the knowledge you have lost.

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50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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