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Mnemonic Devourer

Mnemonic Devourer

No. Enc: 1 (1d4)
Alignment: Chaos
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 9
Attack: 1
Damage: 1d10
Save: M9
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: XIV
XP: 2060

Mnemonic Devourers are the remnants of an alien race who crashed upon the planet centuries ago. After the crash the few remaining Devourers established strongholds in isolated regions. There they cultivate knowledge and experiences. Devourers are driven by the need to consume mental data. They manipulate lesser races to acquire rare tomes, scrolls, manuscripts, minds, etc. Their extreme hunger for knowledge also sustain their physical bodies. Devourers survive by feasting on the mind of living creature. Not by consuming their brains but by draining their minds.

Devourers appears as emaciated pale humanoids with runic scars distributed throughout their body. Part of their cranium is cracked revealing a blood red cerebrum. When a Devourer is in the process of draining a victims mind their runic scars faintly glow as mental nourishment feeds them.

Devourers use lesser minions to fight their battles and try to restrain themselves from physical combat. Devourers will use their brain drain ability to melt their opponents mind. Brain drain has a range of 60' and opponents must save vs spell. Upon failure the victim loses one random language they know. If a brain drain attack is used and all languages are exhausted the victims final thoughts and memories are consumed. Upon losing all of their mental functions the victim dies.

Devourers are able cast charm person and charm monster three times per day. They can cast feeblemind and confusion once per day. All spells are cast as a 9th level magic-user. Because of their mental acuity Devourers receive a +4 to charm/enchantment/mental saving throws.
                       New Item

Memory Cube: These coin sized cubes are made of pure silver. They have red runic symbols engraved upon them. Mnemonic Devourers can choose to transfer drained information into these cubes instead of using that knowledge as sustenance. The cubes are used as memory storage devices. The Devourer can touch the memory cube to recall any of their previous victims thoughts. A memory cube can store up to 10 minds. Only figures with great knowledge and importance are stored for later research or reference.

Adventure Seeds

1. Frontier Blues: A village located in a remote frontier region has gone silent. No communication has been heard for months. Upon travelling to the village the adventurers find lifeless bodies sprawled upon the village streets. Not a soul has survived.

2. Stolen Language: A wizards apprentice has hired the group to retrieve a memory cube. His master recently encountered a Mnemonic Devourer and barely escaped with his life. Unfortunately for him he lost all of his languages. The group is tasked with finding the Devourers outpost and bringing back his master memory cube.

3. Lost Treasures: Recently the City's Grand Library has been burglarized. Hundreds of manuscripts and books have been stolen. Most of the stolen items are extremely rare.

4. Thrall Frenzy: A Mnemonic Devourer has begun to manipulate humanoid tribes into a frenzy. Goblins and Orc tribes are on a rampage. Searching the countryside for a buried vault. Rumors has it that this vault houses rare items from a bygone civilization.

5. On the Road Again: The group is hired to transport an ancient manuscript. The group is being shadowed as they travel these lonely roads.

6. Hidden City: Recently a lone survivor from a expedition has arrived in town. He claims that a giant domed city resides inside the mountain range. Under the right alignment of the stars does the domed city reveal itself. His group investigated too closely and all his comrades had their minds erased.

7. Knowledge is Power: The local wizard academy has learned of the Mind Vaults of the Mnemoic Devourers. Located in their isolated cities are grand structures that house hundred of memory cubes.

artwork of Mnemonic Devourer by Joanna Ballendorf
owned by Steven Marella

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