Thursday, August 6, 2015

50 Random Mundane Items IV

50 Random Mundane Items IV

Items to give some color to your typical treasure hoard. From worthless junk to items of value.
Instead of 100cp, 50sp, 10gp, etc you can add in a mix of low/high value items to replace part of your typical coin assortments.

1. Bronze Measuring Weights
2. Leather Leash
3. Empty Art Frame
4. Tin Drinking Horn
5. Irregular Freshwater Pearls
6. Timber Raft
7. Stone Tablet with Dwarven Runes
8. Block of Dried Clay
9. Bleached Drake Skull
10. Bone Scroll Case
11. Panel of Stained Glass
12. Fur Cloak with Fleas
13. Water Skin filled with Holy Water
14. Lace Wedding Dress
15. Paper Lantern
16. Crown of Brambles
17. Carriage Wheel
18. Threadbare Cloak
19. Platinum Fish Scale
20. Spirit Board
21. Container with Cured Organs
22. Glass Globe with Purple Liquid.
23. Transparent Glass Chest
24. Bag filled with Goblin Teeth
25. God Braided Necklace
26. Iron Pike with a Severed Head Skewered on it.
27. Jar of Mashed Brains
28. Spiked Leather Collar
29. Belt of Faerie Skulls
30. Crate with Black Mushrooms
31. Fist Sized Silver Cube with Runic Symbols
32. Weapon Cleaning Kit
33. Poppet Doll with Needles Inserted
34. Teddy Bear with a Bag of Coins Sewn Inside
35. Horn Crown (Headdress bearing Stag's Antlers)
36. White-handed Knife
37. Animal Skin Medicine Ball
38. Mummified House Cat
39. Ornate Music Box
40. Pair of Charcoal Pencils
41. Blank Spellbook
42. Bag with 10 Obsidian Arrowheads
43. Twelve Sticks of Incense
44. Calfskin Gloves
45. Large Golden Nugget
46. Wooden Ruler
47. Pair of Iron Tweezers
48. Hemp Sack filled with Raffle Tickets
49. Porcelain Matryoshka Doll
50. Platinum Clover Charm

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