Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Pathfinder Bestiary 4

This gaunt fairy has tattered ears, black eyes, and a huge mouth filled with mismatched teeth. It carries an oversized pair of pliers.

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary 4

Cool Factor: When a willful child tooth or in some cases a whole child is buried in an area with a strong fey connection a Tooth Fairy is born. These fey are not your typical benevolent beings. Gangs of Tooth Fairies stalk humanoid settlements with their potent magic and their bloody pliers ready to extract teeth for their own delight.
     The Tooth Fairies use their abilities to lull you to sleep or maybe put you in a state of paralysis to collect their reward. A tooth to replace their own or maybe just something to decorate their dwelling. These evil mischievous fey are sure to create quite a commotion once they infest a community.

Combat: The Tooth Fairy has a robust array of special abilities to perform their mischief. However these diminutive fey are not strong combatants and work well in pairs or a gang. Having challenge rating of 1/4 the Tooth Fairy are more of a nuisance when encountered solitary.

-Ability to fly.

-If bitten you have chance to become paralyzed.

-Spell-Like Abilities: Able to cast mage hand and open/close at will. Once per day can cast invisibility and sleep. All work in conjunction with their ability to sneak around town and cause their mayhem on the down low.

-Death Throes: When killed the Tooth Fairy explodes in a cloud of sparkling white fairy dust. This causes a glittery substance to cling on adjacent foes. The substance has a horrible stench and causes sickness.

-Pliers: Each fey owns a pair of pliers that can be used to extract teeth. These bloody instruments function as +1 medium daggers. If destroyed it stuns the Tooth Fairy.

-Tricky Thief: The Tooth Fairy can perform two maneuvers with their pliers. One is to pinch an opponents fingers to cause dexterity damage. Another is to steal an opponents tooth. This causes charisma and bleed damage. If the tooth is not reattach within 10 minutes with a cure spell that tooth is lost. After 10 minutes best to find a caster with the regenerate spell if you care about preserving your full set of teeth.

Verdict: Tooth Fairies are a nice change of pace to low level encounters. An alternative to your typical goblin or kobold incursion. The thought of having a combat with a gang of Tooth Fairies can be quite amusing. The potential to put player characters to sleep or paralyze them in combat can be frightening. Then add in the ability to extract teeth for damage. It can turn your typical encounter into a rather dangerous affair. I'm looking forward to using them in the future.

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