Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Guardian Scroll

This innocuous-looking scroll abruptly rises in the air, unraveling as it flies. It flits about with serpentine grace, baring its razor-sharp edges.

Source: Pathfinder Adventure Path 79: The Half-Dead City

Cool Factor: Guardian Scrolls are tiny construct that resemble your average scroll. They are used to protect lairs, libraries, temples, and sacred texts. Unsuspecting thieves that enter a room or disturb a bookcase must speak a password or the scroll animates. The Guardian Scroll then flies through the air slicing trespassers apart with it's fine edges or attempting to strangles those who's presence is not warranted. The average treasure hoard just became more dangerous. 

Combat: The Guardian Scroll is a CR 3 Tiny Construct.
-The Scroll has damage resistance to non-magical weapons. Also is immune to bludgeoning, crushing, and falling damage. It also has all the benefits of being a construct with the exception that it can be influence by mind-affecting abilities. 

-The Guardian Scroll's main attack is it's fine edges which deal damage as slashing and causes the opponent to bleed afterwards until cured or healed. 

-The Guardian Scroll can fly through the air and attempt to strangle you. With a successful attack and grab attempt the enemies entire head is covered in a airtight grip. The enemy can't speak, see, and must hold their breath as they are being suffocated. 

magic-A Variant of the Guardian Scroll is the magical version. By increases the challenge rating by 1 the scroll now has the ability to cast low level magic. It can cast two first level spells and one second level spells three times per day. Plus a one third level spell once per day. 

Verdict: The Guardian Scroll can alter an ordinary treasure hoard or library into something more deadly. The average party is not expecting to be attacked by a scroll. Another option would be that a lost treasure map is actually a Guardian Scroll. The group has to walk the line between subduing the scroll without actually destroying it. Once subdued they can use the map on the scroll. 

Has anyone used a Guardian Scroll or an animated scroll in your game? How did it work out? Always interested in hearing good monsters tales.

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