Tuesday, May 17, 2016

12 Random Prison Cells

Prison Blocks are common dungeon rooms in your typical delve. Provided below is a quick list of 12 random dungeon cells and what they might contain.

1. An apparently locked empty cell. An invisible stalker is the lone prisoner.

2. Opened cell, the ceiling, walls, and floor are filled with blood and charcoal etching. The etching depict floor plans to prominent locations throughout the region.

3. Locked cell, with Gregor Littletoes, a burglar with narcolepsy. He offers to join the party for his freedom. There is a 10% chance each turn that Littletoes begins dozing off.

4. Empty cell, on a find secret doors check the group notices a loose flagstone. Pulling the tile up reveal a caches of items. A pin cushion with 7 mithril pins, a velvet bandana with banana imagery, a sticky erotic art book, and 69 coppers coins.

5. Locked cell, Ambrosia Cain, an Assassin with ritual scarring throughout his body for each person he has murdered. Appears able bodied and offers his assistance. Will at the right opportunity pick off each group member one by one.

6. Empty cell, a lone wooden bunk sits in the corner. Upon inspection you notice beneath the bunk there is a cramped tunneled hole that leads to another area of the dungeon.

7. Locked cell, the prisoner is a siamese cat. The siamese cat sleeps on a nest of straws. If the cell is opened the cat attacks. The cat needs to be killed nine times before it is finally slain.

8. Closed cell, not locked. This cell is empty except for a ruby in the center. The floor of the cell is a concealed pit trap. It drops down 20ft and at the bottom of the pit is a Gelatinous Cube.

9. Opened Cell, a mirror is on the wall. The mirror has a trapped soul in it. The imprisoned soul ask to be released from its eternal torment. Only a magical hammer can shatter the mirror and it is located somewhere in this dungeon.

10. This a matryoshka cell with a dozen layers. A cell within a cell within a cell. The smallest cell is locked and requires a diminution potions to reach. The lone prisoner is a cigar smoking intelligent slug with a quest of utmost importance.

11. An opened cell with a dead goblins on the floor. The goblin is infested with rot grubs. Any examination of the goblins sets off the colony of rot grubs, who quickly attempt to find a new host.

12. A locked cell with a straight jacket hanging on a hook. Entering the cell animates the straight jacket, who attempts to attack the nearest intruder. Upon a successful hit the straight jacket wraps around the victim. While engulfing its victim all damage is split between them.