Friday, May 23, 2014

Coffer Corpse Pathfinder


This creature appears as a desiccated humanoid shrouded in rotting, tattered funerary clothes. Its hands end in sharpened claws with slightly elongated fingernails.

Source: Tome of Horrors Complete Pathfinder

Tome of Horror Complete Sword & Wizardry

Fiend Folio 1E

Classic Monsters: Castles & Crusades

Monster Compendium Annual 3: 2e

Cool Factor: Hey, I thought I just killed it? A zombie that attempts to strangle the victims throats and deceive you by pretending to die. The Coffer Corpse likes to play dead. When this undead takes damage he fakes his death and on its next turn rises from the dead. At that point you are saving or running like a scared child.

Combat: The Coffer Corpse is a CR 3 undead with low AC and standard hps. It does have Damage Resistance Magic and Bludgeoning. The Coffer Corpse attempts to grab the victim by the throat. With a successful grab attack you can't speak or cast spells with verbal components. The highlight of this Undead is the ability to fake it's own death. When the Coffer Corpse is struck for 6 or more points of damage(whether it bypass DR or not) it slumps to the floor.

On it's next turn the Coffer Corpse rises from it's apparant death. You are allowed to make a Sense Motive roll prior to see through the ruse. Once risen everyone viewing this horrific sight must make a Will Save or flee.

Verdict: I'm a big fan of interesting creatures. I like Coffer Corpse since it's a nice variant of a zombie. The strangle flavor to the creature is quite cool. Also the signature ability to feign death and drop a fear bomb on the group is rather interesting. It's a creature I will be using in the future.

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