Friday, May 23, 2014

Penumbral Golem 3.5

shadow dungeons & dragons

This unnatural creature seems to be made from stuff of shadow itself, a murky humanoid torso fading into a swirling mass of darkness.

Source: Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary

Cool Factor: This CR 9 Incorporeal Golem(intelligent too) can drain strength, change forms, immune to most magic, and can attack you from the shadow. Most Penumbral Golems appear as children or woman. They make excellent Assassins since they can disguise themselves as objects such as cloaks, wands, etc. Although the form is always black. Which will give most adventuring parties a second thought about touching it.

Combat: The Penumbral Golem has the ability to extend its limbs through shadows. All foes within 30ft who are next to a shadow(including your own) can be attacked by this shadowy creature. The limbs are touch attacks that do strength damage for 1d8. Hide your wizards. On top of that all creatures reduced to 0 strength die.
     The Golem can also assume an alternate form. It can disguise itself as a black curtain or random bag on the floor. The unsuspecting party passing through the haunted mansion with some jet black curtains could be in for a treat. This Golem is also immune to most magic. Although a Daylight spell can slow them down for 1d4 rounds. A Searing Light spell can make them flee for 1d4. Both of the spells are automatic and no saving throw.

Verdict: I have used a Penumbral Golem in a Pathfinder Rappan Athuk Campaign I ran. It was a deadly encounter that ended the life of a character who was playing a Witch. The Witch had very low strength score and can whacked by a shadow tendril. The Golem is rather tough for CR 9. It enjoys the benefits of being a golem plus having Incorporeal subtype. Both of them are rather potent and in combination can be deadly.
     A very cool monsters...........use with caution.

How any of you ever used the Penumbral Golem in your game? What are your thoughts?

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